My site got indexed in Google in 6 hours!!

Hi, guys!

I had a weak moment and I decided to create a brand new site… And guess what?! It GOT INDEXED IN 6 HOURSS!!!

So, I got a little fat and I decided to create a brand new blog where I would share my journey from 200 pounds to 133 pounds.

I wanted to create it because I was sure that this blog will keep me motivated in order to keep my diet and keep doing exercises. I created this more in order to keep me on the track rather than to do Affiliate marketing or add ads in order to earn some money from it.

So I started by writing 2 pages and 1 post and a few hours later when I checked my Site health bar I was shocked to see that it is Indexed in Google.

Please notice the date when the website was created, which is on Sep 18, this year… Lol.

There have been a lot of complaints about the feature deceiving people like telling them that the site was indexed when it wasn’t or that the site is not indexed when it was. Therefore, I was pretty much sure that it was nothing more than a visual bug.

So, I decided to check if my website was really indexed in google by typing site:websiteaddress. By typing this command, it will show you if your website is indexed in Google and if it is, it is going to show you what pages you have indexed in Google.

Imagine my shock when I actually searched for my site in Google and it was there… I can’t believe it. My record was 24 hours of getting a site indexed. I can’t believe it that I’ve done it in 6 hours. So, how do I know that it passed 6 hours?

Well, I actually don’t know that. I only know the time when the first page, About Me, was published, which is 18:53. Six hours and 40-50 minutes later I’ve checked my site stats and I saw that I was ranked in Google… LOL. 😀


I have 2 pages and 1 post published. Both pages have around 350 words written on them and the post has 370 words.

So, how did you index them? Have you bribed Google?!?!


But not with money. I have created a Webmaster Tools account where I have fetched as Google and I also set up Google Analytics and created and submitted a Sitemap.

That’s all… Lol.

No, I haven’t shared any post on any social media, I didn’t had any comments on my site when it was indexed and I have asked the gang to enter on the site and browse the pages 50 times a minute. I only had 1 inner link when I saw that I got indexed.

I just Google fetched, submitted a sitemap and created an Analytics account. Simple as that.


Got any questions? Make sure to ask them in the comment section below!

Remember that sharing is caring ! ^_^

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