Real People, Real Stories

Hey, guys!

Honestly, when someone claims to know a place that will offer you a positive background in order to build an online business for free, I would have my second doubts too. And we are perfectly right.

 I want to dedicate this page to all those people that have doubts and also for the people that are on the verge of losing hope of earning money. Sometimes it might take longer than expected, but if you work really hard, you will achieve it.

 Here I will post screenshots of some of the WA community’s success stories that had inspired me over the time. Therefore, you won’t need to take my word for granted and you will be able to see it with your own eyes the stories or real people from the community.

You can also click on the image of each story in order to read their complete story. Moreover, if you scroll down on their story, you will be able to find the comment section where they respond to different questions asked by the community.

If you don’t know what Wealthy Affiliate is,  make sure to check my review here.

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Before you begin please take a look at the following two videos that keep me motivated.

Meet Shawn

Shawn's story is one of the most inspiring stories that I stumbled across. You must read it before you scroll any further.

"I started here at WA deeply in debt and sick of traveling playing music and I desperately needed a break. My health was failing and life on the road was killing me."

Just after two years, his online business provided him enough income that he was able to help his wife quit her job. Now, Shawn and his wife, work together from home and earn a full time income. Click on the image in order to read more about his life changing story.

Meet Saco

Saco is one of the Entrepreneurs at Wealthy Affiliate. He had a rough start.

Only after six months spent here, he was able to see revenue from his website. At the end of the 10th month, his website was gonna bring him $525.

Click on the image in order to see his income report for each month and to read some of his tips that he shares with the community.

$525 isn't that much, right?

How about $14,000 in 3 months?

After seeing that he was able to make money, Saco pursued to further develop his website. By working on a weekly basis, for one year and a half, he began to earn an average of $5000 a month.

Check out his story by clicking on the image.

Meet Stu

Stu joined WA on December 2014.

After a few months, his success reached a stable income of $200-250 per month.

Two years later he reached over $2000 a month. He also wrote a post where he describes very detailed how he achieved his goal.

This is Branton

Branton joined Wealthy affiliate in the late of 2013. At only 26 years old, he succeeded to earn $8968 per month.

Moreover, he claims that he didn't had any previous experience when joining and he succeeded to earn that much by following the WA tutorials.

He earns an average of $5000 each month and shares with the community plenty of tips on his post.

Ever wanted to travel the world?

If your answer is YES, then you would definitely want to hear Steve's story.

Steve is one of the oldest members of Wealthy Affiliate. He joined in 2007 and ever since then he never gave up.

Having a successful business, allows him to travel to most exotic destinations each month. Steve is one of my favorite idols, since I want to walk on the same path as he did and one day to be able to see the world while earning a passive income.

Introducing DomW

DomW is a member that joined WA in August 2012.

The main reason he joined it was because he kept receiving e-mails from a website that he subscribed to and one day he got so annoyed that he decided to check out what it was that guy was talking about. Little did he knew how his fate was going to change forever.

By working hard, in less than 3 years he succeeded to reach from $0 to $10k a month.In his post, he lets us know with monthly income reports how he got there. It took him long enough to earn money, but in the end it was all worth it.

Hard Work Pays Off

A few months after his post, Dom started to shock the community more and more with his achievements.

He spent a lot of time working on his business and a few months later he was able to make $40,000 in one weekend.

Moreover, he kept on developing his website and with time, the company he funded in 2014, grew up to $680,000 in revenue by the end of 2016.

He also made a new post, where he told us that currently he has over 100 employees and freelancers working for him and he gave the community members the opportunity to ask him anything they want.

Meet Kevin

Kevin is another successful WA member.

His hard work allowed him to take his family for the first time in a vacation in the last 10 years. And he did not go anywhere, he went straight to Ibiza.

Moreover, by promoting Wealthy Affiliate to other people, he also qualified to join Kyle and Carson in their annual conference in Las Vegas.

This is Josh

Josh is a member of Wealthy Affiliate that decided to promote his hobby and to also have a website about making money online.

At the beginning of the WA tutorial, Kyle advises you to go with either a hobby niche or to promote WA. Josh decided to do both and he succeeded.

A year after his hobby successful business, that provided him 257 sales in a day and giving him a revenue of $678 in just one day, Josh decided to have one more source of income.

Even if there is a high competition, he succeeded to obtain $2477 in 8 months. He lets us know his stats along with his future plans in his post and also he gives us hints on how to earn more money.

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24 thoughts on “Real People, Real Stories

  1. Wealthy Affiliate is not just a great place to earn extra money online. It is a great community of people looking to help each other succeed. Many folks in WA are there to help not to earn. The income comes with time. The most important thing I have found is how to build great looking websites.

    1. Hello Ken!

      I agree with you. The community is very friendly and helpful here. I believe that the best way to see this is to go to the live chat and just ask a few questions that you have. Whenever I ask about anything, in less than 5 minutes, at least someone already responded to my question. A good looking website is important, but I believe that more important is your website’s content. For example, I am more interested in the information that the website owner is transmitting to me rather than the interface of the website. Thanks for coming by!

  2. This was very motivating! Thank you for the examples. It’s hard to find real life stories to help set apart from the scams. Great job!

    1. Hello Rachel!

      Well most of the stories on the internet are fiction. However, those are the stories of real people that faced a lot of challenges and succeeded. I am glad that it motivated you! Keep believing in yourself and pursue your goals!

  3. Hi, I really enjoyed this post, considering I’m about 2 and half months in but am still seeing no earnings. Branton’s advice was what struck me. I chose a niche that I had no interest on ( and a rather competitive one maybe ).

    It took me 2 months to realize my mistake and I will start my new website pretty soon while putting the old one on hold.

    1. Hello Lucas!

      Well, there is no such thing as a too competitive niche :)! Take a look at Josh’s story. He succeeded earning over $2200 in 8 months in a very competitive niche. Ask people for feedback in order to see what you are doing wrong!

  4. I love the sound of that living on your own terms, this is all possible as you are showing here with the success of these persons, It is all a matter of following a proven program that works like wealthy affiliate. This progarm provides the kind of training that can have person living the kind of life that they always dreamed off. I would encourage anyone to become a part of this program that is making such a big difference in the lives of so many people. Thanks for sharing this awesome post.

    1. Greetings Norman!

      I tend to believe that WA is more than an environment that provides quality training. I think that the most positive aspect of WA is its friendly community. For example most of this information you can find it on google. However, having lots of information, you would soon realise that you won’t know from where to start and soon you will find yourself facing a lot of problems. Being at WA, whenever you face a dead end you could just ask the other community members on Live chat or by creating a post. The fast response and the quality help is what it makes WA great in my opinion.

  5. This is awesome motivation, really enjoyable to read all these really good examples – it is certainly inspiring, wish I could do what they have done – I guess it’s down to hard work and motivation!

    1. Good afternoon Michael!

      You will definitely be able to achieve what they’ve done. Keep in mind that Dom had a very slow progress that he showed in his 0 to $ 10k /month post and now see where he is. Work hard and pursue your dreams. I would also advise you to ask for feedback from different people in the community!

    1. Good afternoon, Vynd.

      I am glad to hear that my post helps you. Remember, whenever you face doubt just take some time off, relax, read some of the stories here maybe, listen to some music and after that go back and continue your work. Some days might seem harder than others, but the wheel will always turn around.

    1. Hello Helen!

      I expressed myself wrong. This is not only for those people that are working at Wealthy Affiliate. It refers to all the people that started their business and they face challenges. This post’s only purpose is to help people in their darkest hours so that they won’t give up. Just keep in mind what I always tell “If they can do it, why can’t I?”.

  6. Very inspired motivation helps those unsuccessful online business newbie like me. Keep up the good work by sharing other tactics how they make money online.

    1. Sure thing Jamin!

      Once I have free time I will start and create a new category where I will discuss what makes other people’s business successful. Don’t be intimidated by other people’s success. The only thing that sets you apart from them is the time. Work hard, study, ask for feedback and with time you will find yourself among those successful people.

  7. Wow it’s good to see so many people who are successful with Wealthy Affiliate program. Results speak better than words. It’s such a powerful review because there are many real examples that are amazing. Thanks for the review!

    1. Greetings Kien!

      You are right! Results do speak better than words especially when they come from real people. I stumbled across lots of websites with fake testimonials and stories that are bought from Fiverr or other freelancing websites. However, at WA you have the chance to get in contact with those people. You can read their posts, their stories and even visit their web sites. Moreover, if you upgrade to Premium you will also have access to sending PM to them and ask them whatever question you want.

  8. I applaud you. What a great idea to include real stories of struggles and success! This is a great way to let people see it’s not a scam and real people are working hard to make it work, and it’s possible. Kudos to you! Keep up the great work and much success for us all!

    1. Greetings Maria!

      *Blush*. Thank you, but this is not the main reason :D. My main reason is to help those people that are on the verge to give up on their progress. I have been and sometimes I still go through those bad days but coming back here and seeing the success of all those people kinda motivates me harder in pursuing my goal. I just hope that people that are in the same situation will come here and take that extra motivation needed in order to not give up :). I think that I will soon start even a blog section where I will share my progress month after month or even on a weekly basis. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Great post. i had never thought about doing this sort of thing, but it is an awesome idea!! niche specific of course. It seems like there are a lot success stories in WA to talk about for sure.

    I just joined and you are right! There are many helpful people!

    1. Hello Brent!

      Great to hear that. Believe it or not but those are only a tiny bit of success stories from Wealthy Affiliate. If I would want to write them all, I believe it would take me months, probably even years. There are over 800,000 registered members out there… Most of them have success stories :D. Anyway, I am glad to hear that you decided to join us and if you need any help, I am right here!

  10. These are great stories and very motivating! I bet it’s still had work to get to the amount of success these people have achieved. Most of these people are promoting WA, do you think that one can achieve such success in any niche?

    1. Hi, Paulina!

      Well, not exactly. There are many people here that don’t promote WA at all! Josh, Dom, Jay, Rich, all are “stupidly” successful from niche websites where they don’t even try to promote an opportunity to earn money online. Collins alone said that he got to the level to earn over $10,000 per month from a website where he promoted headphones…Lol. I know that I gave only a few examples, but feel free to just browse the success session of the website. You will see that in fact among the successful individuals, you will rarely see someone who earned a lot from promoting Wealthy Affiliate :).

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