Month #7 is Here!

Hi, guys!

I know that I’ve kept you waiting for a few days, but I was overwhelmed by the number tasks that I had to do!

So, my website is officially 7 months old. Now, in order for you to be able to compare my progress, I will ask you to check out my month 6 progress as well!

Long story short, month 6 was the best month for my website. Being aware of that, I had a lot of doubts that in the month 7  I will be able to reach as many organic visitors from Google, Bing, Yahoo and so on. Moreover, I was challenged by the fact that I had my admission to an MSc of Computer Science in September(month 7), fact which raised a lot of challenges for me and for my online business.

However, I succeeded in keeping my publishing frequency, even though it was pretty hard since I need to create 5 posts a week now and moreover I need to start and learn programming languages. Yes, I applied to an MSc in Computer Science without possessing any coding skills. For the past two-three weeks, I believe that I’ve spent at least 6 hours a day to learn to code. I am still far away from other colleagues that finished a BSc of Computer Science, but I am sure that I will be able to catch up.

Having that said, most of the people, myself included,  would say that I would have failed to meet the milestones proposed for this month. Indeed, I failed a few of them… or maybe more of them, but I also succeeded in completing some of them!

One of my hopes were to be able to get 1500 sessions… I failed it!



I achieved in fact 2,704 sessions with 2,358 unique visitors!!!! That’s more than double than the previous 1,238 sessions with 1,120 unique visitors!

It is unreal. I cannot believe it!

I hoped that I would have got 1,500 sessions(not unique visitors) and I surpassed that with 1,204 sessions!

So, what about the other challenges?


Create at least 20 review posts of different online opportunities  FAIL 5/22 -> I didn’t had the time to research other MMO opportunities.

Reaching 800 comments milestone DONE. 

I know that in the picture above it states that I only have 783 and 7 awaiting comments. That would be 790 comments. If I would answer to all of them it would be 797 comments. However, I still have around 5-10 comments which I haven’t got the time to reply to all of them. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the website has around 802-807 comments. 😀

Try to reach 10,000 page views. DONE

I started the month with around 7,200 page views and I finished it with 12,200!! That’s more than I asked for :D!

Create and publish all the products in the Shop section FAIL

Start the Youtube channel -> FAIL


I believe that you knew that you were going to join to an MSc. Why did it challenge you so much?


Well, this came more like a surprise. Joining an MSc was planned from the beginning of September. However, I applied to the 2nd best University from my city “as a joke” and I actually got accepted. My plans were that I would have got rejected and that I would be had to apply to a University that is somewhere in the top 20-30 within the IT domain.

I would have never believed that I would get accepted. Therefore, right now I need to give more than 100% in order to finish this degree. If I would have got accepted to a private university, as I expected, the course modules would’ve been less demanding than from the University where I got accepted.

Anyway, coming back to our subject, here are my GAnalytics stats for the last month:



The best day for my business was  September 21th, where a new record of 150 sessions have been registered on my website. Note that those numbers are just from the organic searches! I also experience some downfalls, with a minimum of 58 sessions on Sept 9th and a minimum of 64 to the end of the month, on Sept 29th.

I am not sure yet why I suffered that downfall by the end of the month. I suspect that people lost interest in an MMO opportunity that I review. They switched the amount of daily Jackpot that they would normally offer from $3600 to $1000.  Most of my traffic comes from my review on that opportunity.

During this month, Google loved me the most. I have gained an astonishing 1460 sessions more than in Month 6.

The unique visitors also increased by 1,236 users and  the Avg Session Duration has also increased by 8 seconds.



On the other hand, Yahoo and Ask kept the same value whilst I received almost twice the traffic from Bing.


So, what are my expectations for the next month?


Well, I am not sure. The main problem is that I have a lot of study to do in order to catch up 3-4 years. Therefore, I expect that my business will perform worse in the next month.

-> About Traffic, I hope that I will get 1500 organic sessions.

-> Regarding Comments, I hope that I will be able to receive 50 comments;

-> Regarding creating posts, I hope that I will be able to maintain the publishing frequency and that I would be able to create at least 6-7 posts about MMO.

-> About the Pageviews, I hope that I will get 15,000 this month.


That’s pretty much all I can hope for. I need to learn to organize my time better!

Wish me luck!



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