Mistake of the day 2nd edition

Hi, guys!

Well, today I found out that I made another “GIANT” mistake when it comes to having an online business.

Now, if you’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for a while, you’ve probably been through a few of Kyle’s tutorials or Jay’s webinars or other tutorials created by the community members. One of the main things you want to do when you create a business is to carefully create your “target” profile.  This might mean that you want to see what is their need, from where they are, what they search the most, at what hour they are active and general stuff like this.

Based on those assumptions, you start and develop your content. You start and write about what he’s interested in, what news in that domain and so on.

The main problem comes when the target you’ve selected is too broad. For example, in my case, the target is people that want to earn money online. Well, this is way too broad and I haven’t realised at first, but right now I can see it very well.

You see, the problem is that my target is interested in a lot of things. While I start to create content about everything, I will just lose a lot of time since I won’t get traffic on any page soon. Why? Because the search engines check my content and my inner link. They expect that the posts that are linked together to be related. For example, if I created a post about how to build a website in WordPress, I should link posts such as how to add an image to a post in WordPress and so on.

I, however, jump from a thing to another and I never have enough time to create posts for the same area of interest. I jump from WordPress tutorials to Social Media tutorials to ways to earn money through surveys, to internet marketing and so on. When, in fact, I should focus and create at least 50-100 posts on the same subject and create a powerful inner link.

What I do can still be a good thing, but only on the long run and only if I get back to those areas and build more content.

So what can someone in this situation do?

Well, the most simple solution and the one which I will apply would be to focus for 2-3 months and create content around the thing that will generate me good money in order to hire a few ghostwriters to help me write content on the other areas.

Therefore, what I have to do is to check out with the Keyword Tool what people are interested in more and get 50 long-tail keywords in order to assure that I would get a good traffic from the new posts.

I know that most of you who are in the same situation as I am will hate me for this, but there is no other option than starting and creating content about the thing that we want to earn money the most from.

By doing this, I will also start to gain a lot more traffic in the right places :D.

I’ll leave this subject from now and I’ll get back to it when I’ll finish creating 50 posts… Lol. I hope I’ll be done by December. I will also create other tutorials around other opportunities to earn money in order to not lose the other targeted audience 🙂 .

Remember that sharing is caring ! ^_^

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