Learning to code

Hi, guys!


I have started a Master in Computer Science during the last October with no prior knowledge.

By no prior knowledge, I mean that I didn’t even know how to open something to write a simple line of code. Despite all that, I have studied a lot, day and night, and I have succeeded in recovering in one semester what all of my classmates learned in 7-8  years.

So, what’s the main idea of this post?

The bottom line is that I succeeded to learn how to code and in order to help some of you who might think that it is too difficult, I decided to create a Roadmap in order for anyone to be able to learn programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, PHP and SQL.

I won’t create any courses on it, but I will give you something more important than that. I will tell you exactly what to study in order to not lose yourselves on the track. Moreover, I guarantee that if you will take all the steps in order, you will know how to code such that you will be able to land a job!

I don’t know how much it will cost you. I will share with you only the courses which I took and which helped me. I think I will create a series of posts on this subject.

What you need to understand is that nothing is impossible. You can’t come to me to tell me that you don’t like something that you haven’t even tried out. How do you know that you don’t like it? I had this perception until I have studied it for a month and after that, I realised that I could learn this!

I am not sure how soon it will be done, but stay close because it would probably be this month! 😀


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