Learn to Anticipate

Hi, guys!

Today, I am going to talk about anticipation!

The main way to earn money for Affiliate Marketers is to review a product, an opportunity, a service, to paste an affiliate link and to wait to earn money from it.

Now, if you are a starter and you just started to get traffic from a review, you will see that with time, that review will get you more and more people to your website. At some point in time, it would be your main source of traffic.

I have a review that brings me around 70% of the traffic. It is all sweet for a while, but the problem is when people will start to lose interest in the product or the service or the opportunity that you review?

Well, I just experienced that. In just a few days my daily organic traffic was cut down in half.  From 150 visitors per day, after a few days, I have 64.

So why can this happen?

Well, you might review a trend or something similar with that. People will start to get more and more tired of that product(fidget spinners, ice bucket challenge and so on). The trending things are great to review, but over time you should expect that it will simply not be popular anymore.

Just look at Pokemon Go. A year and two months ago, the whole planet went crazy for it. There were news showing pedestrians from USA running over highways just to catch a Pokemon. However, if you look today, you will barely see someone still playing that game.

The same thing will happen to the product that you review. Of course, it won’t bring you over a billion customers, but it will bring you a decent traffic.

In my case, I was reviewing an opportunity to earn $3000 per day. I was gaining a lot of traffic from it and suddenly it was cut to half.

At first, I said that yeah, a bad day, but tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow came, the day after tomorrow came as well and my traffic was still cut in half.

So, I decided to dig in,  in order to see what happened. It looks like the owners of this opportunity have decided to reduce the $3000 per day jackpot to $1000 per day. After some more digging, I discovered that they’ve done this in order to force people to join to another similar program which they just created.

Just like that my traffic which was 100-150 sessions per day became 50-60 sessions. Even though I kept the same publishing frequency, the traffic was cut in half simply because people lost interest in that opportunity.

So, how could we learn from my mistake?

Well, in order to avoid this in the future, both you and I need to look after products that were recently launched and to create as many reviews on as many products. In this way, we won’t be dependent on only one review to bring us traffic!

If you’re going to review a product that was launched in 2005, you won’t get plenty of visitors. Therefore, my advise to you is to join JVZoo and look up for the just-launched products and review them.

Try to anticipate what keywords people will use. If you review a phone, get a keyword like Phone X Vs Phone Y; Phone X Top Problems; Phone X Release Date; Phone X alternatives.

The keywords are there. Just try to imagine what will you search if you would like to find information on a product that was just launched!

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