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Is Wealthy Affiliate bad for websites?

Hey, guys!

So in this post, I am going to discuss about what types of websites you can build at Wealthy Affiliate.

There are a few types of websites that you can decide to build:


  1. Websites for blogging
  2. Websites for company presentation
  3. Websites for Affiliate Marketing
  4. Websites for companies with different functionality


The main idea is that at Wealthy Affiliate you can’t connect your website to a database.


Websites for blogging


Those are the websites build for blogging. You can blog about anything. What you are doing in your life, what you cook, your travelling stories and so on.

The main idea is that you only need a simple website and to create simple posts. You don’t need any other functionality such as people completing¬†forms and get that data stored on a database.


Websites for company presentation


Those are okay as well. You can easily create a website like this and host it at Wealthy Affiliate. A company presentation website is basically a website which contains an about company page, a page with company products and how to get in touch with them. Simple as that. You still don’t interact with a database for any of this.


Websites for affiliate marketing


A website of affiliate marketing is basically a normal website where you review different products and leave a unique affiliate link to the page from where your audience can acquire that specific product.

The only thing dependant on a database would be if you want to create your own email list. This can be achieved by using a company such as mail lite or Aweber – you can’t use MailChimp for affiliate marketing due to their policy.


Websites for companies with functionality


By functionality, it can be anything at all. You can have a form which takes information from your visitors about what they like to see on your website. You don’t have where to store them. Basically, anything you want to do with a database, won’t be possible.¬†Wealthy Affiliate limits the access to the database on purpose to make your website harder to hack.




So this is pretty much the downside of Wealthy Affiliate. If you plan to do anything related to retaining information from your audience then you should choose another hosting provider which offers full access to play with a database. On the other hand, if your goal is to only create posts and to do email marketing, then Wealthy Affiliate is a good choice.

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