Is there any guarantee that SEO works for you?

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In today’s post, I am going to discuss about the SEO and how you can make sure that you will see results.

Okay, so many people are afraid to either pay for SEO or to do it themselves since in the beginning, it will take a lot of time in order to see results.

I know, it sounds completely normal and I have to say that I’ve been there. I have worked days and nights in order to assure that my site will go somewhere. Contrary to the popular belief, I didn’t have any guarantee that what I was doing was right. I’ve spent a lot of hours, mainly due to the fact that I’ve got in the Make Money Online niche – which is one of the hardest niches to get into.

In the first two months and a half, I actually don’t believe that I had more than 10 organic sessions. I was starting to lose my hope and I decided to wait until my website was 5-6 months old. If my stats didn’t improve by then, then I would have given up.

Weeks were passing and in my 3rd month, I realized that I started to get more traffic. My traffic started to triple from month after month and I started to see that I will get there. That all my effort wasn’t in vain.

Now, I didn’t share this with you in order for you to congratulate me. What I want to say is that it took me around 4-5 months in order to get results in the toughest niche on the whole internet. Therefore, I would say that if you decide to work hard and if you choose a less competitive niche, you should be able to see some results by the 3rd month.

There is no better guarantee than my site’s progress.

It took me around 4-5-6 months to get my first post in the front page of Google. Today, it took me around 5-6 minutes in order to achieve rank #1 in Google in incognito mode.

Here is a post that I especially created in order to prove to anyone that everything that I have learned and that I have put in practice worked.  All of the tricks that I have used are discussed on the Online Business Guide. Therefore, before leaving the website, make sure to take a quick look at it and to try to apply some of the tips.


Hope that my story, along with the proofs will be enough for you to be sure that you will receive results if you decide to work hard or if you decide to purchase my SEO services. If you have any questions, feel free to share them with me in the comment section below!




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