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Is The Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Or What

Hi, guys!


Is the Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Or What?  

This is the topic that we are going to discuss today. In this post I am going to discuss more about why it Can be seen as a Scam, what it is actually the goal of Wealthy Affiliate and what are the results that you can expect in the first year after joining them. I assure you that I will be as objective as I can.


Let’s begin!

is the wealthy affiliate a scam or not

Me and Weatlhy Affilaite

*In this post I will only discuss why people think that WA is a Scam, what WA actually has to offer, how WA helped me and what I hate about Wealthy Affilaite. For a full review on all of its features please check this post here: Wealthy Affiliate Honest Review.

Before we begin, I believe that the most normal thing for me to do is to inform that I am a member of Weatlhy Affiliate. I joined them on Sept 2016. I’ve joined without any prior knowledge. I haven’t got any “proven” marketing skills or any Entrepreurship skills until I’ve joined.

The only thing I had and that I still have is my desire to do something with my life in order to afford to not have a boss over me. To simply have my own busines, starting from scratch and to work hard such that one day I will be able to travel the whole world and maybe open a real world company at a global level. 

Of course, high goals are not requested to start an online business, but they will help you a lot in order to stay motivated. 

I could write a lot of books on what I’ve learned(and as a matter of fact I actually wrote and published one on Amazon), but the best way to show you what I’ve actually learned is for you to simply browse this whole website.

No, I haven’t payed anyone, I haven’t get any help from anyone. Everything you see on this website and on the social media accounts(in case you came from there), are managed and created by me.  

Therefore, just take a few minutes and scroll and browse through my website and you will be able to see what I have learned since joining Wealthy Affiliate.

Recently I have searched for the opinion of internet users on Wealthy Affiliate and I was pretty shocked to see that there were some complaints. 

What Wealthy Affiliate actually offers you

So the main point of Wealthy Affiliate is to learn how to build a website and to turn one of your hobbies into a profitable online business. Therefore, you will be taught subjects such as Affiliate Marketing, working with WordPress, Internet Marketing, SEO(Search Engine Optimization), E-mail marketing, Writing quality content and a lot of other stuff.

In general those are the main subjects that you Kyle(Co-Owner of WA) teaches you. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you will only learn that. Basically each registered member of WA has the right to create and publish their own training about anything they want. 

You know that saying that after you become successful you give back? It is entirely true within WA. There are a lot of people who become millionaires(yes, real millionaires) that have their business set on automation(they have content writers, marketeers etc.) and now spend their days helping people within the community.

Therefore, you can expect a training about anything that it is related to having an online business. For instance, I just searched yesterday something out of context. Something which an affiliate marketeer won’t ever consider to share with other people. 

I searched for what taxes you need to pay once you generate money. Other example, I searched about Bitcoin… Lol… Just pure curiosity to test the limits. I found a lot of blogs/trainings on both of them to my surprise.

One more quick thing. Besides all those training tutorials that are at your disposal, we also have a member(Jay) who does webinars every single Friday on everything related to building and running an online business. If I remember correctly, he’s last webinar was something regarding Youtube. Anyway, all those webinars are usually around 1 hour and during them, Jay answers pretty much all of the questions that he receives. Depending on the number of the questions, sometimes he might answer to only those which are relevant to the live webinar, but if you leave him a PM, he will get to you.

Now, let me just ask this real quick: 


When was the last time when you talked to a real millionaire?


For me it was last week. 


WA has a Live chat implemented within the community where anyone can discuss with anyone about everything. The only request is to keep it relevant and to not spam too much. 

Often, most of the successful people help the beginners with lots of insights and recommend them tutorials on how to fix different things related to website maintenance, choosing a niche, getting traffic and so on. 

I would say that the Live chat is in fact the most important thing about Wealthy Affiliate.

Of course the wealthy people won’t answer to questions like “Yoooo’ can you give me a loan of $100,000 ” or anything like that. But if you really want to work, they are willing to help you out with your questions.

Frequent complains:


This is one of the most frequent complaints. However, this comes from people who joined Wealthy Affiliate and expected somehow to earn money just for that. 

I mean yeah… I also share the same fantasies with them. I also expected to be a millionaire just by joining college. 

Yet, I finished the college and somehow I’m not a millionaire yet… How can this happen?


Indeed, Wealthy Affiliate has the possibility to pay you by referring people. However, this is not the goal of using Wealthy Affiliate.

 WA it is like a “college”. You log in every day and you learn stuf having the goal to create your own website and to develop a business around one of your hobbies.  

The main goal is to be able to review either your product(in case you have one) or to review other products and get a commission by doing Affiliate Marketing.

Don’t worry if you don’t know any of this. It will be explained to you in the training. 

Okay… You’re right. I also studied programming language for a month and somehow I am not the CEO at Google. 

I really can’t believe that… It is ALL a hoax… LOL

In order to start with Wealthy Affiliate, the first thing you need to know is what you are doing.

 What you are doing is creating a business.

Since this is not a dream, you can’t expect to build a business and to already be in profit after just 1 month. Just imagine that you start to learn arhitecture today or a domain on which you aren’t familiar with and you somehow expect that in a month to already have a company that runs in profit from it.

The first thing you need to do is to start and learn this new domain that you’re entering into. The second thing you need to do is to build a website. The third thing you need to do is to know how to get traffic to your website.


Now speaking from a technical point of view, seeing results in the first month is impossible. Unless you decide to spend thousands of  $ in ads or unless you have a scial media page with lots of followers.

 The main problem is that Google/Yahoo/Bing/Baidu/Yanded and other search engines first need to evaluate your website before they list it on the front pages. 

They do this in order to drive traffic to websites owned only by serious people. 

The people who search on their search engines are their customers. The main idea is that if you search on google for something and you don’t find what you want, you will go and search on Yahoo or other search engines. That way, they will lose their customers.

They want to avoid that. Therefore, since it gets indexed, your website will enter in a probation period of 6-8 months. During this time, the search engines will check if you post frequently, if your posts/pages are engaged by your visitors(by sharing, commenting etc.) and that people find them useful( they see how much time people spend on your website).

 Based on that, from time to time, Google and the other search engines rank your website upper or lower in their search list. 

Therefore, when people come and tell that they’ve tried it for a month and they haven’t earned any money and complain about that, you can safely assume that it is a normal thing.

Once again, it doesn’t even matter if you host your websites at Wealthya Ffiliate or NameCheap or WordPress. The process that the search engines use is equal for everyone. 

Yes, you can find all the information online. 

There are lots of Udemy trainings, Youtube videos and so on. However, those videos are just “pure” theory and nothing more. Trust me when I say it, you will always get a problem that is not covered by a theory or by a youtube video etc.

Now, the main advantage of WA is that when that happens, you can simply go on Live chat and ask people what to do. Usually you will get the results withing 5 minutes. All this will not cost you a single thing.

I haven’t heard of any company that is willing to outsource their support. To hire a freelance is a gamble, because it can either act like he knows what he s doing and he won’t charge you too much, when he actually doesn’t know anything, or he could charge you a lot for an easy to fix issue. 

I don’t want to sound like I am forcing you into WA, but indeed there is no better alternative to it. 

Yeah, you could go on a forum and ask people what to do. However,  in most of the cases it will take you a lot of time until someone will answer you. 

And for what? For something that it is given for free by WA?

How WA helped me

This is one of the most important things. Okay… it is not strictly related to Wealthy Affiliate, but more to online Entrepreneurship. 

I used to live each day without the hopes of having a better day comming on. Right now, I am convinced that this feeling was only temporarily and I am sure that when I will look behing in a few years to this moment I will laugh. 

I had literally nothing, I started to believe what other people will tell me( which is that I won’t get anywhere in life, that I will have to take a job and be like everyone else). Now, I know that if I work hard enough I will be able to achieve complete freedom and to show them who’s laughing at the end.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve worked in my life. I’ve done manual labour 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. I’ve been a stock broker, a model, a contract sales guy and a lot of other stuff. However, I just hope that I will be able to get enough money to never work again for someone else. 

Well, I already said this above, but before joining Wealthy Affiliate I actually didn’t have any knowledge about developing a website. 

For me creating a website was as hard as science for flat Earth believers. 

However, I’ve started to learn little by little and right now I have this awesome responsive website.

I know that some people have way more amazing websites, but since I didn’t had that much time to spend in web design, I am pretty satisfied with what I have accomplished.

For my website I only used SEO(Search Engine Optimization) in order to get traffic to my website. 

What does this mean?

Well, SEO traffic is the traffic that comes from the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on.

Those are basically the people who search for something(a keyword) on a search engine and they click on a website.

Why do I use this? Well, because it is free. If I had the money of course I would have used ads, but if you don’t have at least $5000-8000 I would suggest you to stick to SEO as well. 


So, even though it will take some time, after the first few months I could see results. As a matter of fact, my website traffic doubles from month to month. 


Now, I know that it is almost November and this pic is from Sep. In order to see my traffic stats, I would suggest you to check out this post right here.

Okay, but it will take me a lot of time in order to get to the front page of Google. Yes, you are right. But once you get there, it will become more and more easier.

For example, today I wrote a review and it got indexed and ranked on position #1 in Google in 4 minutes.  Just take a look at the linked post. I made sure to add proof as well!

Well, I can’t really show you this because I am in the make money online niche(MMO). I usually review opportunities for people to make money and I leave a link for people in order to join them.

It is not like a review product X on Amazon, leave a link and people acquire it and I made the sale.  What I am doing is more to referral marketing.

However, WA covers this as well. Right now, I have an opportunity which had a lot of engagement: 


However, right now I am not focused in earning money and stuff like that. I am more focused in increasing the website traffic. 

But as you can see, I have learned a few thing from WA. It is not just mad marketing skills. I also learned how to layout content and other really useful stuff. 

And no… I didn’t had the time to create 405 accounts… Lol.

Anyway, I will start to do affiliate marketing soon enough!

Now, I’ve told you what WA actually offers, I’ve told you what are some of the frequent complains and I also told you how WA helped me. 

So, is there something that I personally don’t like at Wealthy Affiliate



Ok, if you have no clue about what membership rank is, let me explain it really quick.

So each registered member, doesn’t matter if you have a free account or a premium accout, has its own unique rank. This rank is reflects your activity within the Wealthy Affiliate website. It doesn’t reflect the activity within your website.

Activity within WA?

Yes. The more active you are the lower the rank you will have. It doesn’t matter if you are rank 3( the first two are reserved to Kyle and Carson).  

There is no difference between rank 3 or rank 50293. 


So why it annoys me? 

Well, sometimes it happens that you need to ask a question.

The questions have a high priority within Wealthy Affiliate. 

However, there are members which are desperate in order to get the lowest rank possible. Sometimes they are so desperate that they try to answer to everything there is.

For instance you would ask how to add Youtube videos that autoplay when someone lands on a page on your website, they will say something like “Great question, I am looking for answer as well!” 

They do that just to be more active. Once answered, your question will lose its priority since the software can’t make the different between an helpful response and a spam response. 

This is very fustrating and kinda rude from some people. Fortunately, this happens pretty rare. It happened to me only about 10-15 times within a year.  

So, when you take a look at your site stats, you will see that your site has a trust feature:


Now Site Trust, to a normal person might mean that this is how much Google trusts your website or how any other search engine trusts your website in general, right?

Well, wrong.

Basically this site trust has nothing to do with any search engine. It only indicates the activity you do on your site.

As a matter of fact if you don’t do anything after creating your site for a whole month, you will see that the stats will increase to 10%.

Each month that passes, those stats increase by 10%.

I didn’t knew that for a good 3-5 months and I always thought that hey, until this inscreases it is all fine. Therefore for 4-5 months I haven’t worked at all on the website just because I was seeing that those stats increase.

I thought that everything was going well and I was waiting for the 6th/7th month in order to start working more seriously.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that those aren’t directly correlated.

Therefore, don’t make the same mistake as I did and just assume that this indicates the trust that the search engines have in your site.

Don’t get me wrong. I love a chat once in a while. However, the harsh truth is that we are here in order to make money. 

Anything that keeps us away from either learning or developing our website(business) is an inconvenience. I mean everything.

From hanging out with friends, to watching a TV series, to play some videogame to even chat with people on the Live Chat. 

I hate it because from an innocent question which should take me no longer than 4-5 minutes to see what’s the answer and move on with my business, it ends up for me to waste more than 1 hour in order to keep the conversation ongoing.

This is the type of stuff that delays your success. 

You should get straight to the point. Go, open the live chat, ask the question, say thank you and that’s all. Just leave it there.

Now, I’ve imposed this and I have to admit it that I am way more efficient. 

I know that you want to be social and friendly. But even though everyone is friendly, you will need to remember that any time you waste outside of learning/developint is just time spent that it will never help your business grow. 

Just say thank you, move on, and when you are successful enough you can come back and chat how much time you want. However, up until then, just keep it at a minimum.

Once again guys, I created this post in order to discuss about WA being a scam. If you want to get more details about its features, or on how exactly all this stuff works, make sure to check out my whole review here:

Wealthy Affiliate Honest Review.


That’s pretty much all on ” Is the Wealthy Affiliate A Scam or What”. If you have any questions left, make sure to share them with me in the comment section below!



Remember that sharing is caring ! ^_^

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  1. Andrei – great job. Your website has a great layout and appearance. I focused mostly on the “Scam” post. Very informative and well explained. The content is easily readable and organized well. I wish you much success and thank you for the input on WA which I am also part of.

  2. I am a member of Wealth Affiliate and can honestly say I could never have developed a website without all the help, guidance and training they provide. It does take a lot of time and effort and hard work, but WA is not a scam.

  3. You know I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate about 8 years ago, and didn’t do anything with it. At the time I had been scammed so many times, that in the back of my mind Wealthy Affiliate just got categorized in the scam part of my brain. Here it is 8 years later, and they are still around and with great reviews. I am definitely ready, after reading your review to get started!

  4. After reading this and other reviews of the website there is a common interesting in all, the all say wealthy affiliate is the best for what it is.

  5. I think you covered WA from top to bottom at frist I was thinking that maybe it’s a scam but the more I get into it the more I am convened that it’s for real. The information that you gave served to help me out in that respect some. I think that your site is good because you do get deep into some facts about WA and I think when people read your blog they will take a second look at signing up.

    Good job keep it up.

  6. Good information very in-dept I think people will take a closer look at the program after reading your blog.
    Keep up the work.

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