Is the 30 days challenge useful?

Hi, guys!

Today, I am going to discuss about the 30 days challenge.

First of all, what is the 30 days challenge?


If you are a blogger or have an online business, you have probably heard about the 30 days challenge.

The 30 days challenge is a challenge that presumes that you will have to create a post or a page on your site /  blog each day for 30 days.


For who is the 30 days challenge?

Well, the 30 days challenge is specifically for those people that are lazy and that don’t find the determination to create content for their business without a challenge.

This is more frequent then you know. For example, fat people challenge themselves to lose X weight in 1 week or 1 month. Bodybuilders challenge themselves to do 200 push ups instead of 50 and so on.

Basically, lazy people in order to get over the feeling of being too tired for creating content or not being in the mood to create content or whatever the reason they think they have, they challenge themselves with this 30 days challenge in order for there business to move on a little bit.

So what is the outcome of this challenge?

Well, besides the fact that it increases the publishing frequency( if you publish a post each day for a month), it also has the chance for your posts to generate more traffic. Since you will publish 30 posts and if you’re not a total retard and you choose a good keyword for each post, you eventually will get additional traffic to your site.

Now, why you shouldn’t do it?

There are 2 reasons why I’m not using it:

1 -> It does nothing to your rank in Google/Yahoo etc. If I go this month full ape and I decide to create 30 posts, Google will not be impressed. It is the same thing if I publish 30 posts in the same day.

Google and the other search engines will say yeah… One week ago, Andrei had nothing to do and decided to publish so many posts… Yeah, that’s cool and all… but since then he barely published a post per day.

The search engines will want you to maintain your publishing frequency for months. If in October you publish 30 posts and in November, December, January you barely post 10-12 posts, then the search engines will give you some traffic for November based on the publishing frequency on October, but on December they will realize that you don’t have the same publishing frequency and they will decide to lower your rank.

Basically, they want for you to keep the same publishing frequency for months and months in order to give you credit and to rank your posts on the front page.

2 -> You will experience an accomplishment feeling. At the end of the month you will be like… Yo’ yoooo’ YOOO’, I DID it. I succeeded in writing and publishing a post every single day for a month. What’s next… Keeping the publishing frequency? Hell nah’

I’ve done that, I’m done with it. Now I deserve to publish just 1 or 2 posts per week. I’ve got nothing to prove.

You will have the same feeling as the athletes have when they win the gold medal at the sport they are practising.  There are plenty of people that get the gold medal, but actually very few of them keep on training in order to defend their title the next year. It rarely happens for that person to keep training, to keep doing what they’ve been doing in order to win the gold medal.

that’s a psychological fact. You’ve trained in order to win a gold medal. You won it, everyone knows. Why should you keep on training?

The same psychological thing will happen to you when you will end this challenge. Yes, you proved that you can write a post every single day for a month. Right after that you will definitely lose the ambition to keep doing it and to publish content every single day for the next month.

I know that my explanation is kinda rubbish, but that’s because I’ve been learning C++ and C for the past 7 days. Right now, my mind is somewhere else.

Anyway, the point is that after you’re done with the 30 days challenge, you will most likely give up and return to your old habits of publishing 1 or 2 posts a week. In the end, what I already mentioned at point 1) will happen to you. The search engines won’t take your effort in consideration.

Initially, they will send you more traffic in the next month, but after 2-3-4 months( on the long- term) your stats will return to the previous values.

So what can you do in order to get motivated and to not give up?


Well, the best thing would be to ongoing create content for your site. Just start this week and create 3 posts until the end of the week. The next week do the same. Keep this publishing frequency for 2-3 months. Even if you can create more posts, create them and schedule them for the next week. When you arrive at the point that you have 30 scheduled posts, you should increase your publishing frequency by 1 post.

Don’t fall in the trap to create 20-30 posts this week and to create additional posts after two months. You will get lazy and when you will run out of posts, you will barely have the calling to create more content.

Just keep creating on a weekly basis in order to cover for the week and if you have time left, try to cover for the next week as well.

Once again, I know it sounds a little confusing, but this is the only way to succeed. Even if you are motivated as hell to publish 1 post each day for the next 9 months, at some point during the line you will become lazy or you will be sick or you will have something else to do. Right after you break the cycle, the very next day you will say something like “mehh, I’ll just create tomorrow 3 posts instead of 1 in order to cover for today and yesterday”. Trust me, this is how it will be. I’ve been there.

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