Is It Better To Publish A Post And To Edit It Later?

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In this post, I am going to talk about which one is better: Trying to come up with the best post and publish it or to publish it and edit it whenever you want?


If you are in the very beginning, you probably spend a lot of time trying to come up with the most PERFECT content from your entire life. Even though, theoretically this is a good thing, when you start to put it in practice it will become a whole nightmare.

The main problem is that when you want to create the perfect post/page for your topic is that you actually aim to accomplish something impossible. There is no perfect content. As a matter of fact, every famous website has their content edited for at least 50 times.

It is like you’re an artist and you’re trying to come up with the best song ever. It just ain’t going to happen. What for you would be mindblowing, perhaps for me will be just an average song, or even worse.

It is impossible to create the perfect content for your visitors. Every single visitor wants something else. Every single visitor has a different taste. My current style of writing will probably satisfy a normal visitor, but if a Harvard teacher will start to read my posts, he/she would probably start and cry.

Besides that, you will also waste a lot of time in trying to come up with the best content. When I was trying to create my first reviews, I remember that I delete it at least a couple of times and spent at least a few days(3-4-5-6) before I published my post. Even though at that time I literally didn’t had any traffic on my website…wtf?!

Stop overthinking and just write 500-1000 words or how many words you want and publish it. Then, a week later or two weeks later or even a month later, come back and see what you can improve at your post and update it.

On my #1 Recommendation, I literally have 176 revisions right now. The thing is that the more you create content, the more you study your niche, the more you develop yourself. You will start to understand better what you’re doing, you will understand better your client, with exercise you will improve your writing style, your formatting style and so on.

Just get over this whole idea of creating perfect content and start to create more and more. Over 80-90% of your traffic probably won’t even stay more than 1 minute on your post/page!

Editing your content from time to time will also improve your rank in the search engines. It is true that they want a lot of content from you, but they don’t expect you to create a post and to never modify/update it again. They want to see that your post is engaging. That you take care of it. That you come up with new information from time to time.

That’s pretty much all. If you have any questions feel free to share them with me in the comment section below!




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