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For some time now, I’ve been telling you that I was publishing around 3 posts a week and that it would be wise for you to follow my example. However, I forgot to mention that one and a half months ago I have increased that frequency to 4 posts a week! 4 posts a week is not enough.

With that being said, I have increased my publishing frequency at 5 posts a week for two weeks now. At first, I didn’t notice the difference since  I had a lot of scheduled posts from last month. However, today when I logged into the dashboard, I found out that I had 0 scheduled posts and I needed to do something about it. I am already on my 3rd post which I created in the last hour.

Anyway, for those of you that don’t know, the search engines check your website on a weekly basis in order to see if you published any fresh content. This is a major criteria that they take into account in order to position your website. The higher publishing frequency, the better. However, you should not fall in this trap and publish around 20 posts for two weeks and then not publish anything more. They also want for you to have a CONSTANT publishing frequency. If you are going into Rambo mode and you publish 30 posts in a week and then you won’t publish anything for the rest of the month, they will punish you for it or they won’t take it into consideration. Therefore, the best thing for you to do is to create content and to schedule it for weeks in advance.

Three posts a week should do the trick for the first 4-5 months. Don’t forget that you have to work on your website for at least 5-8 months for Google and the other search engines to take your website into consideration and to trust you. However, I want to maximise my results and I succeeded in having a publishing frequency of five posts a week.  I am currently on my halfway to the fourth month and I started to see some results. For example, for this month I doubled my organic visitors from the last month. I will create and publish a separate post about this at the end of the month in order to get accurate numbers.

So, my goal is to create around 50 scheduled posts and to increase the frequency once again. I am planning to increase the limit to 6 posts a week until 20th of July. I know it will be time-consuming to create that many posts, but how much do you really want to succeed after all? I want this business to generate me enough money to not worry about if for the rest of my life.

The first step will be to achieve a frequency of 7 posts a week(on a daily basis) and when I receive over 500 visits a day, to hire a ghostwriter in order to increase the publishing frequency even more. There are websites that create far more than 7 posts a week. They create over 70. Of course, most of them have at least 10 ghostwriters or are membership websites. Don’t be frightened of those numbers. Those are usually the most successful websites, such as Forbes, Wikipedia etc. Once you get your first $500 and invest them in ghostwriters you should start to see results. Maybe not in one month, maybe not in two months, but after half of year or more, if you invest the money you earned in ghostwriters and ad campaigns you should be able to easily compete with those websites.

It is all a matter of how much success you want. I know that most of you are starting an online business around your hobbies, but won’t be nice if you would be able to generate a full-time income or even greater from them?

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2 thoughts on “Increased The Publishing Frequency!

  1. Hi Andrei,
    Very interest read.
    I like what you say about publishing frequently and not getting in to the habit of publishing in fits and bursts. I try to get at least two posts published a week but sometimes it’s only one. But if I can at least write more content when I get the opportunity then publish at the right time this will help with google rankings .

    1. Hello, Paul!

      Yes, this is the main idea. In the last two weeks, I got lazy and I published 5 posts a week but on 3 different days instead of the usual 5 days a week. I believe that the search engines noticed that and they didn’t like it and even punished me a little. I will create a new blog post around this in the next week.

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