In 12 days I got more organic visitors than in my last month!

Hey, guys!


I come today with some great news! In just 12 days I succeeded in receiving more organic visitors than in the last month!




Now, I know that on some screens this picture can’t be seen that good. Therefore I will try to explain it. For those of you that don’t know, this is how Google Analytics shows your results.

The orange line represents my stats of organic sessions that joined my website in the last month(June) whilst the blue line shows the stats of how many organic sessions I had in this month(from 1st of July to 12th of July). The total number of organic sessions from June is 87 whilst the total number of sessions in the first 12 days of July is 89.

That’s pretty great. That means that Google is pretty happy with everything I am doing until now and it starts to trust my website and give it more and more authority on different posts.

This can be seen in the above picture. As my website matures, it will start to gain more and more trust and visitors. If you take a look at the graph it is visible that there are a few periods of time where I didn’t had a visitor a day. It was annoying and frustrating for me to see that I constantly create content and I don’t have any results, but I was lucky to have an iron will and to constantly believe in myself. As you can see, in the last part of the month, the traffic continuously increased and a pitch of 5 visitors per day during Jun 7th became average in the last part of the month where I achieved a pitch of 9 visitors of June 26th.

What about July?



Well, actually today is 15th of July, and as you can see in the first half of month I didn’t had any days with no organic sessions. I have 117 sessions, and right now is 18:47 PM, that means I still have 6 hours to receive more organic visitors.

So, at my local time, which is UTC+3, today I had around 6 sessions already. If you remember, the 6  organic sessions was the pitch for the first part of the last month.  In total, up until now, I have 117 sessions which are more than 3 times of the total amount of sessions that I had in May(38).

While comparing to June, where I had 87 sessions, right now I have with 30 sessions more and is almost the half of the month. Now my intention will be to double the traffic that I had in the last month. Therefore, the target would be 176 sessions for this month and I would need 59 more sessions in order to achieve this goal. That would mean to have 4 sessions each day until the end of the month.


I believe that this will be easily achievable. Now since this goal can’t fail, it is time for me to focus more on exposing my website through the other search engines.

Right now I have 115 sessions from Google and 2 from Bing. this kinda worries me. If Google will turn the back on me, then it wouldn’t be that great.


This is the post for today guys, if you have any questions make sure to share them with me in the comment section below. Also make sure to take a look at my SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) Guide in order to improve your rankings!





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