The Power of Comments

Hello, guys!

As you can see, today’s headline is why you should ask your visitors to comment on your posts.

Well the main reasons are: To engage with them and gain trust, to answer to their questions, to rank better in the Search engines and to have more words written on your posts.

I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of time browsing Amazon either to review or to buy a product. However, whenever I want to acquire something on the internet, I always take a good look at the other people’s comments and questions about the product. I bet that you do the same thing too. Sometimes it is better to assure and reassure to acquire a high quality product or service and not to get scammed, right?

Right now I have 272 comments on my website and I am hoping that I will reach 500 before 1st of July. Therefore, you guys should start leaving me more comments!!!!!!! Just kidding…also leave questions…lolz.


Engaging with people 

Having a post that engages people and makes them leave you a comment is better for you and your website.  In general when I scroll down a page and I see hundreds of comments unanswered it kinda tells me that this website owner doesn’t care pretty much about his visitors. Therefore, he will quickly lose my trust. However, if someone is active and engages in comments with his visitors it makes me feel more comfortable and perhaps I would even recommend his website to other people as well.

Not answering the questions

When someone reviews a product and people ask him questions and he doesn’t respond to them, not even weeks after, then it means that something  fishy is going around. Maybe he doesn’t know that product so well and he just recommends it to me in order to earn commission from me. That will be a step back sign to me.

I know that a website owner that has lots of visitors, probably doesn’t have enough time to respond to anyone. However, you can 20 minutes each day to respond to your visitors questions in order to avoid any suspicion from them.

Having comments helps your site rank better

This is truth and here, at Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle always tells us to respond to ask people for comments and to reply to all of them. Basically, a visitor leaving a comment on your website tells to the Search Engine that your post has useful content, interesting content. Having comments on your posts and replying to them is one of the main criteria of getting your website indexed. Whenever you reply to a comment, the search engines will see it and they will believe that you are a trusty website owner.

Don’t exploit this feature by asking the same people to leave you multiple comments. Based on the ip and the frequency of your visitors leaving messages, Google’s SE along with other search engines, will classify them as spam.

Comments are part of the post content

Basically, all the comments written, both visitor’s comments and your replies, would be included in the total number of words in your post. Remember when I told you that your posts should have on average 800-1000 words?

This is a great solution if your post has only 450-500 words. If you get many comments to your post, you can turn a 450 words post into a 2000 words. By doing that, your post will also rank better in Google due to its high number of words.

So, I told you above that I currently have 272 comments. I actually checked the most recent 20 comments and the shortest comment that has around 2 sentences, has 22 words.

Therefore 272 comments * 22 words = 5984 words. Almost 6000 words out of nothing… You still want to avoid having comments?

So, how can you make people leave you comments?

Well, since you can’t force them to comment, I believe that the only solution is that at the bottom of your post to ask them for feedback. You can also tell them that if they got any questions left, to write them in the comment section.

With that being said, you should always take into account the benefits of having plenty of comments on your posts and perhaps even pages. Also check out this post in order to see why is a bad thing for your visitors to fill leave their website link.

I know that this is a cliche, but if you have any questions, feel free to write them below! As always, I will try to respond to your questions as fast as I can.

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12 thoughts on “The Power of Comments

  1. You are right! Comments are a great way to boost your website and post rank! Google love a website that has fresh contents.
    Comments are seen as fresh contents. So, yeah, we need to get interactions from our readers.

    1. Hello Arief!

      Engagement is very important for both Google and your visitors. If they see that you are engaging with your audience, both Google and your fresh visitors will trust you more. Thank you for your engagement and I wish you a great day! 🙂

  2. Interesting and enlightening read. I do agree with you that comments are important in gaining trust. I have a pet peeve for bloggers who give out some information about a product then leave you hanging by not answering your queries in the comment box. That says to me that I shouldn’t really trust the information they have provided. Thanks for this post.

    1. Hi Ami!

      I am glad that I am not the only one :D. For me, once that I see that a product has questions in the comment section that are unanswered, for more than two weeks, makes me wonder. I usually leave the website and go to other websites where the owner answers to all the questions. It just tells me that he/she has more information about the product reviewed instead of listing some information to make me purchase it and get a commission.

  3. Cheers great content! Thanks for the information. I never knew about the importance of the comments and I usually tend to avoid asking people to leave them in the comment box. Your article opened my eyes, thanks for writing it!

    1. Greetings, Fleur.

      I am glad that my article helped you! Thank you for reading it and I am waiting for you to come back to my website in order to find more useful tips to help improve both your website and your Google ranking.

  4. Comments are so powerful because of this type of engagement the search with rank you, therefore it is important that we get comments from our visitors. I find this to be true because this has boosted my rankings.
    Comments are a great way to get ranked by the search engines.

    1. Greetings Norman!

      I am glad to hear that comments helped you in achieving a good rank in the Google search. It is great for me to hear about people having success!

      Best of luck,


  5. Hi Andrei,
    I totally agree with you. If you have a website to inform and help others, you should care about your visitors enough to answer their questions and in general respond to their comments. Besides, it’s also common courtesy.
    I didn’t know that comments were considered part of the post regarding word count. But isn’t that kind of a bad thing? If you write a long post, say 1500 words and get tons of comments, won’t that make your post too long for Google and other search engines to like?

    1. Hi Chris!

      Well, actually having a long post is not considered a bad thing. The search engines actually see it as a good thing and rank long articles better than short articles. It simply tells them that a long article may cover more useful information about a topic than a short post. For example, if someone searches for a mathematical theorem, a long article may contain also the prove while a short article that just states the short version of the theorem. Visitors coming, might be interested in the long version of the theorem in order to understand it better and not to learn it by heart.

  6. Hey man great post here ! I do know that comments seem to affect rankings, but I wonder by how much? Like are comments treated the same as your content or does one hold more weightage than the other? Although I do agree that if the creator interacts with the readers it will help build trust, his/her personality would also show so others can relate/like him/her more.

    1. Hi Lucas!

      Well, comments affect your ranking due to the fact that it shows to google that your posts have engagement. Therefore, this will tell Google that your post is useful and helps people in need. I tend to believe that the quality content outweighs the number of comments that you have on your post. As an example, you can see this clearly at Wikipedia. As far as I know, there is no page on Wikipedia that allows comments, yet it is ranked better than many pages that contain hundreds of comments due to the fact that it contains quality content.

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