I only have 1 post scheduled left!

Hi, guys!


Well, I’ve been a little bit busy with developing more content and I actually arrived at the point where I didn’t have any post left to be scheduled. I successfully wrote and scheduled 1 post in the last 20 minutes and I believe that I will invest some time in coming up with more fresh content in the following weeks. As a matter of fact, today I am planning to write more than 6 posts in order to cover the next week.

It is not the fact that I “gave” up. An Air traffic controller exam session popped up and I am planning to participate in the exam session. This is basically what my college prepared me for. However, there are a lot of health requirements from hearing to a perfect eyesight to a perfect blood pressure and so on. I believe that I will need to get inspected for each body part. Usually, there are many candidates and there are a few slots. The last time I took the examination, there were around 45 positions and over 1700 candidates. At the end of all the examinations, only 20 positions were filled.

In order to maximise my chances, I decided to make a few appointments at a private health clinic and I have appointments scheduled on this week and on the following week. I want this job because I have been trained for it through a lot of college courses and an internship and, moreover, because there is a high competition. However, this doesn’t mean at any cost that I will give up on this website.

I already have planned over 80 posts. Therefore, time is running short on me since I have to deal with this exam, with pursuing another digital marketing course in order to get a certificate, to learn more about e-commerce websites( I will create a whole section about this) and so on.

I remember when I created that post about why to hire a content writer and I was suggesting for those people that don’t have enough time at their disposal to write at least 3 posts a week. Boy, this really is the case for me. However, I won’t hire any content writer yet. Not until I’ll receive over 500 daily visitors. If I hire someone and have them do my job for me then I would never learn anything, right? Why shouldn’t I just invest $1400 and buy a custom website with posts and stuff?

This online business development has become a hobby. I am planning to create over 500 posts in this marketing niche and then to start in another niche. xD

So, how are you guys standing with the scheduled posts? I bet that most of you stand way better than I do :D. At least for now!!!

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