Page 1, Position 2 On Google Search!

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I read the title and I can’t believe it too. I mean really?! Page 1 in Google? On a 1 month old website?

If you are not a blogger or a website owner, let me tell you that this is a big deal. In order for your website to get indexed in Google, you have to follow some steps and to wait between 7-14 days. My website got re-indexed in Google in less than 25 hours actually. You can check it out here what I did.  It usually takes around 3-4 months for your website to be noticed by Google and to start to get a “decent” rank(page 5-.10 of Google Search).  However, mine did in almost 1 month, one month and a half.

More important is that there are over 3 billion internet users in the world. Over 67.6% of them use Google’s search engine if we ask the people from If we check on Google we will get the following stats from InternetLiveStats:

Even tough those aren’t the real stats and they are approximations, they aren’t far away from truth. For example, when was the last time when you heard someone “I don’t know this, let’s Yahoo/Bing it?”.

The main source of traffic for a website comes from organic searches from Google and in order to have plenty of visitors, your website should perform well in Google. Therefore, a ranking on Page 1 and 2 of Google would be ideal.

I haven’t payed that much attention to how my website performs in the search engines. My website is currently on what I call “developing phase”. In this phase, I focus more on creating website content. However, I recently started playing with Google Analytics.

While exploring Google Analytics, I discovered that if you create a custom dashboard, you can add many features. Among the ones that I use, there is a feature that lets me know how much people are visiting my website from organic searches. I also combined this feature with another feature that lets me know what keywords have they used in order to find my website.

I was surprised to see that people came to my website from a search on the search engines.

Those were the searches on the last week. It doesn’t include the visitors from other sources such as Facebook, Twitter, G+, Instagram etc. It only contains the visitors from a search done on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

What surprised me even more is that while creating those posts on Cashcrate and Megatypers, I haven’t used those exactly keywords. Those are a combination of words found on my posts. I still don’t know why it states the “not provided” keywords on the other 7 organics searches. I assume it is due to the fact that those people searched on other search engines than Google, Yahoo and Bing. I will do a more in-depth research about this.

Anyway, out of curiosity I decided to search them myself on Google in order to see how many pages those individuals had to scroll in order to find my website. To my surprise, I found that the keyword was actually on the 1st page.

In order to accurately check this, you have to perform a search in incognito mode which is CTRL+Shift+N on windows or ⌘ + Shift + N on Mac. Usually your browser, on a normal search,  saves the pages that you accessed and the second time you search them, it will pop them on the first position in order for you to easily access them again.

I am not sure why it has my old website name, I believe that since I made the domain transfer, Google hasn’t revisited my page. Yes, it was created on 20 January 2017, but it was only until march 5th that I began create content on this website in order to help my pages to perform better in the search engines.

Coming back to the search, you can see that I am actually on position 2 on Google search for this keyword. I would also like to mention that I haven’t performed a quoted search, meaning that the search engine (Google in our case) will show me all the websites that contain any of those words in a post. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t contain all the words, Google will still show it. On the first page Google will try to list all the posts that have the most words entered in the search bar and on the next pages it will show you the websites that have some of those words written on a post.

In short terms, this post of mine is a review on a make money online opportunity. As you can see, actually my website it comes first in the search list after the main website itself. That means that Google, evaluated my website to be the 2nd most useful website that could provide information on that subject.

This discovery comes in handy since it shows me that I am on the right path to success and I should continue what I am doing.

Next milestone? Achieve position 1 on page 1 in Google! I will check again on Google Analytics in a month to see what more keywords that people use in order to reach to my website.

That’s it for today. If you want to see more tips about getting ranked in Google, make sure to check my page about Search Engine Optimization  that you could find on my Online Business guide.  I would also suggest you to check my page on creating quality content here in order to improve your page rankings in google and gain more trust from both your visitors and the search engines.

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2 thoughts on “Page 1, Position 2 On Google Search!

  1. Great post. I also currently “developing” a website and I am still struggling with Google rankings. Just started with the Analytics tool and I will definitely also try the custom dashboard…

    1. Hi, Juan!

      Ohh, thanks for reminding me! I will create a post where I present Google Analytics and my own custom dashboard. However, I am afraid that it will take some time until I create it since I have to write more than 100 posts until I get there :D. Check out my website tips and tutorials here and make sure to come back in a month! I will try to create and publish it for you :).

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