I got Fb visitors in less than 2 minutes from sharing!

Hi, guys!

This is pretty amazing for me since the main problem is that I don’t even know how I succeeded in achieving this.


I post a lot of stuff on my Facebook page(almost on a daily basis). I have reached around 13 likes and followers which is pretty low for me since I aim to have around 50,000.

I thought that having 13 people that follow me wasn’t such big of a deal until I decided to share once again my post on Affiliate Marketing. In less than 5 minutes, I already had two people from Facebook visiting my page.


As you can see at the bottom right of the screen, this happened at 17:11 on May 11th.


Even though it is a small number of people visiting my website, but when we do the math we find out that 2 out of 13 followers is actually 15% of my audience.

A post that engaged 15% of my audience in less than 5 minutes and made them visit my website?

This is great. The sessions that are older than 6 minutes are from another visitor that visited other pages.

I can’t imagine what would be when I would achieve 50,000 followers on my page. Well, actually I can. If it would be the same thing, that 15% of my audience will access my page, that means that 7500 people will be on my website in less than 5 minutes from posting on my Fb page.

Imagine if I would put an ad on that page. If 10% of my visitors will click it and I would get $0.2 from a unique click then in less than 5 minutes I would have earned around $150. All that money from a single share on my Fb page.

Why stop here? How would be if that page promoted a product of $40 and I will get a 8% commission from Amazon?

Out of 7500 people, let’s say that 10% will purchase it right? That means 750. 8% commission from a $40 product is $3.2. Therefore, 750 * $3.2 = $2400.

$2400 in less than 5 minutes sounds great or not? This is more than an average full-time income. Therefore, if I have 50,000 people that follow me and I share a post that promotes a product, in 5 minutes is possible to earn what someone earns in a whole month.

This is why I am happy about my current stats and I will try to maintain them and to improve them as much as I can! 🙂

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Wish you a great day,



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4 thoughts on “I got Fb visitors in less than 2 minutes from sharing!

  1. Hey, I really enjoy this post and love your happiness and attitude when it comes to visitors as I feel the exact same! I also really enjoy your calculations as it makes your post very fun to read. How did you go about creating a facebook community for your site? I believe in you and keep up the good work.

    Good Luck, Jonathan

  2. That’s so AWESOME!

    Whenever I share my blog posts on Facebook, especially my fan page, I never get visitors to my website straight away. I don’t know if it’s because the majority of my fans have different time zones to me or if my audience has just gone stale. *sigh*

    I think it’s great that your Facebook fan page fans are engaging with your website, despite only haveing 13 followers. But we all have to start from somewhere in online business, right?

    I could just imagine the number of visits you would get from thousands of followers. The really great thing about having a FB page is that you can post as often as you want to an audience of targeted visitors and followers who remain your potential customers for a long time to come. Owning a fan page is pretty much like having an email list… You can remarket to them without the need for paying for advertising.

    Thanks for the inspiration and get building up that fan page. 😉


    1. Hi, Neil!

      thank you for your comment. Well, I am pretty novice when it comes to social media marketing. I would love to have thousands of followers, but I once saw one of Kyle’s tutorials(WA Owner) where he showed us examples of fan pages with more than 100k followers and that they had 0 engagement. Like literally they had 100k followers and on the posts, there were around 20-30 people that reacted to them.Therefore, I decided to focus more on my organic reach rather than to waste a lot of amount of time in sharing my posts in different niche groups. I am still considering to invest money in ads, but that will happen in a few months when this website will start to generate a decent income. 😀 How many visitors do you have? Can you share some tips?

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