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How To Make Money From a Youtube Channel

In this lesson I am going to show you how to make money from a youtube channel. Now for those of you who landed on this page directly, I need to tell you that this is the final page of my How to Set Up A Youtube Channel Guide. If you want to learn more tips about creating and developing a Youtube channel, click here. By now, you should have a well defined niche, have a couple of keywords planned on the niche that you like, know where to insert the keywords in the videos and have a few ideas for the next videos. 


So, how to make money from a youtube channel?

  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling your product
  • Driving audience to other Youtubers

Google Adsense

This is the main way that Youtubers use to earn money. Basically, you can set up your channel to display adds on your video and earn money from it.

This method has been properly explained, with images, in the Part 2 of the Guide, more precisely at the step 4. 

This is the easiest way to earn money. You just set up a Google Adwords account, connect it to your channel, upload plenty of videos and just way for people to watch them. There is no extra step for you to make. 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to earn money on the internet. It is more complex than simply linking your Google Adsense account and uploading videos.

In order to put it simple, you need to sign up with an e-commerce website(such as Amazon), obtain a special link on any product you like and insert it in your video. 

Let’s say that you’ve seen the most awesome lamp of table or read the most awesome reverse psychology book. Before making a video on it, first you have to sign up with Amazon, get accepted by them, browse for the specific product and get your unique link( this is not the link from the browser). Check this tutorial on Affiliate Marketing in order to see how to set up an amazon partnership and how to obtain the link of a product.

Okay, I got this, but how do I earn money from it? To put it very simply, you create a video around that product that you personally enjoy and leave the link in the description. If the audience likes your video and your opinion and decides to follow the link and purchase the product you will earn a commission( anywhere between 4 to 8% of total value of the product).

Yes, 8% of a $40 product sounds lame. You are right, but what if instead of having only one customer, you will have 1000? That means that you will earn $8000 from a single video which you made in less than an hour. 

Still lame?

Discover more about Affiliate Marketing here.

Selling your product

This is going to be a little more difficult than adding G Adsense or Affiliate Marketing. In order to sell your own product the first thing you need is to have a product.  

Do you know all of those pranksters or other popular youtubers that have their own T-shirts or mugs or whatever? They all leave the link in the description such that you will be able to go through their link and purchase that product. 

This is pretty difficult to be made at first. You will never see this to a youtube channel that has around 10k-50k subscribers. This is usually done by youtubers that have a channel of at least 100k subscribers and that have at least 100k-200k views per video. 

It takes time to reach this level and I would advise you to invest all your earnings in improving your video quality(camera, costumes, equipment, special effects programs) and in promoting your channel on social media networks(Fb, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) until you reach this stage of development. 

How much can someone earn from this? Let’s assume the worst case scenario: At 100k visitors, let’s say that 1% of viewers will click on the link. That’s 1000 visitors. Out of 1000  people, let’s say that 5% will buy the product. Assume a t-shirt is $20.  That’s 50 customers that purchase a $20 t-shirt. That’s $1000 per video. 

Assume that 5% of a 100k visitors enter the website.  That means that you will have 5k visitors. Out of 5k visitors, 5% will buy your product. That means $5000 per video. 

Let’s say that you publish at this point around 20 videos a month. In the first case that means $20,000 and in the second case that will mean $100,000 per month. 

It is hard to get to this point, but it is worthy!

Driving audience to other Youtubers

Your channel will began to grow more and more. Once you will start to get visitors(30k-80k) companies and other Youtubers that are relevant to your niche will start to show interest in your channel. 

They will start to offer you big money in order to promote them by placing their products in your videos or by making a video about your video. There is not an exact sum of money that they will give you. It all depends upon your negotiation skills. 

Just keep in mind that if they contacted you first, they already decided that they you will bring them a great value. Therefore, feel free to add at least 50% more to their offer. If you have more companies asking you at the same time, ask all of them besides one to give you 200% of their initial offer. Most of the time they will withdraw, but if one decides it is okay then you’ll earn big money. Never ask all of the companies to give you 200% of their offer. Leave one with 30-50% just in case that all the other will withdraw. 

That's all on How To Make Money From a Youtube Channel and on How To Set Up A Youtube Channel

Thanks for reading the whole guide! I hope that it helped you out!!

Just keep in mind that in order to hit success you will fail a lot of times. Don’t get discouraged by it. A famous person once said “I dare you to keep failing at something for a whole year to see if you get better“. Treat your youtube channel as a real business and you will earn big money from it!

I hope you enjoyed the guide and if you find it useful, please hit on the share button such that more people will get access to quality information! 

*For those of you who still have questions left, feel free to share them with me in the comment section below! 



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8 thoughts on “How To Make Money From a Youtube Channel

  1. Great guide, Andrei! I’ve read it all and I think that now I have all the knowledge I need on how to set up my own Youtube channel. Thank you for your guide, I am going to start it later this week!

    1. Hi, Matt!

      Thank you for your kind feedback! I am glad that you enjoyed my guide and I hope that in two years from now I will see your name in the Top 10 Youtube millionaires :D! Feel free to drop me a message once you publish your first video! Wish you best of luck!

  2. Hi Andrei, this is some interesting information. I will have to see all your instructions for making a youtube video before asking questions. Just this, do you know how many % of all videos get a following of 20-30k people?
    Great job, see you.

    1. Hi, Stefan!

      Well, this is pretty hard to say. It all depends on how much you work on your channel. For example, I see a lot of channels that have 60-80 videos and a year later almost all of the newly published have over 60k while other channels that have 5-20 videos and barely hit 20k views on the newly released videos. If you decide to treat it like a REAL business and work on it day and night, then probably you will do better than the guys with 60k per video. Of course, there are additional factors such as the topic you choose, how fresh it is, how old it is, the language in which you release the video etc. One thing is to create a video around the new Samsung S8 and another one is to create a video on S3.

  3. Great article!
    I have a YouTube channel but I’m not really uploading videos regularly, I’ve been searching for some information about how I can make money from my YouTube channel and this post has answered all my questions. So thank you for that!
    Do you think it is better to sell your own product or work with affiliate marketing?
    Thanks again,

    1. Hi, Paulina!

      Thank you for your kind feedback! Well, I believe that it is always better to try and promote your own product. However, until you have enough money to spend thousands of dollars in ads, I will suggest you to create an affiliate marketing website and to invest the money that you earn from it into adds until it will generate a decent amount of money. Only after that, you should focus on creating and promoting your product. Just think about that. If you invest in ads to get more traffic to your affiliate website, once you decide to launch your product, you will already have a high audience :D!

  4. Hi Andrei,

    Your guide inspired me to start my youtube channel. I would love to become a travel blogger.

    I know many people earn a living from Youtube while travelling and this could be amazing.

    What do you think about competition? Many travel vloggers already have 300 plus videos and a big audience. So, do you think it’s still possible to thrive in such a competitive environment starting now?

    Thanks for your tips!

    All the best

    1. Hi, Stefan!

      Well, if for me it was possible to get 1000 organic sessions this month alone in the toughest and oldest and the most competitive niche in the online world while on a freshly built website, I am definitely sure that you can do it as well! Just believe in yourself and never ever give up! One day you will look back and you will laugh at yourself for asking this silly question :D.

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