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How To Make Money By Writing A Blog

Hi, guys!

In this lesson I am going to show you how to make money by writing a blog. Now, in the case that you’ve landed on this post on my website, I’ll let you know that this is my fifth lesson on my How To Create A Blog for free guide. The guide contains a lot of details on how to identify a niche, how to come up with ideas of creating content, how to deliver quality content and how to drive traffic to your blog. In the case that you have some free time at your disposal, I would definitely recommend you to take a look :D! 

Now, coming back to our business, for some of us getting money from a blog might be the main reason for creating a blog. However, until you’ve created content, you shouldn’t even think about making money from it. Why? Because monetizing your website from the very beginning will take you precious time. You will actually lose money if the first thing you do is to monetize your website. Our main target is to create SEO content until we receive 100 visitors a day. It will be useless for us to come up with 1000th ways of making money if nobody visits our blog, right?

In general you should start looking for ways to monetize your blog once you’ve created 40-50 targeted posts.  7 ways on how to drive traffic to a blog.

How To Make Money By Writing A Blog

Now, that we have traffic, here are a number of ways to help you make money from your blog:

1) Affiliate Marketing

People come to your blog due to the fact that they have a problem. They search on a search engine based on a keyword and they arrive to one of your posts. It can be about anything at all. It only depends on what keywords you choose. 

Now, let’s say that there are people that search for stuff like: What is the best place to buy the newest Iphone? or less popular, from where to buy a couple Halloween costume?

They search for something and they arrive on your website. What if you could recommend them a product based on their issue and you could earn a commission from them? 

See, someone comes and wants to know where to buy the last Iphone. You recommend the cheapest price or the place with the fastest delivery or whatever and just for this you will earn a commission( 1-12% on Amazon) just for taking time and writing a 400-500 words post.  As we all know, 1-12% of a $600 product= $6-$72. Just for an individual. 

Just imagine if you have 1000 monthly visitors on that post and 5% choose to buy the product:

5% of 1000= 50 customers

50 customers that buy the Iphone= $300-$3600. Just from a single post that probably would take you 20 minutes to do the research and 20-30 minutes to write it down.

If you want to learn more about Affiliate Marketing(how to become an Amazon Affiliate, the whole Affiliate cycle and other details) click here.

2) Advertising

One of the easiest ways to monetize your website and to earn money fast is to use Google AdSense.

Now, there are a lot of people that want to promote their company. By letting them submit their ads on your posts, you will be able to get paid anytime one of your visitors will click on an ad.

You can also earn more money once your blog starts to get traffic. Now the expression “even the walls have ears” ?

Marketers are aware of the blogs and websites within their niche. Once they see that your blog starts to receive a big audience, they will pay you in order to advertise their business. They will pay you big money(>$1000) due to the fact that in this way they will get access to targeted customers.

It all depends on how many visitors you have. That’s why you need to focus on creating content and not on monetizing! 

There are even things such as ad networks that focus on popular blogs.

3) Developing your product

This could be a little hard to do in the beginning. Therefore, I would recommend you to do it only after your blog started to generate an income and only after you started to get a decent traffic(at least 5000 visitors a month). 

Now, with those ads and affiliate marketing the main idea is that you get only a small share of money. Creating a product it is more challenging, but it is definitely more rewarding. 

Imagine if you could make 5% of 5000 monthly visitors to purchase your $20-$30 product.

That would be that you will earn $5,000-$7,500 per month. Imagine if your product is useful and you get a 10% conversion. You’d get $10,000 – $ 15,000/month.

But what can you create in order to sell? Well, most bloggers usually  sell t-shirts/songs/pictures/paintings/mugs and so on. 

If you want, you can be creative and even create and sell an e-book or an online course. 

But in order to get to this level, you first need money in order to invest in product development and to have traffic.

4) Do Email Marketing

I already mentioned in the last lesson, that among the best ways to gain traffic is to build an email list. Well, your not building that list because you are bored. You build it to use it later. 

The first thing you want to do is to create a bond with them. Don’t just get 10,000 subscribers and then force your affiliate products down their throats. Start by giving them great information and tips related to the niche. 

In this way you will start to create a bound with them and they will start to trust you and see you as a friend. Make sure to not spam them with emails either. 

In order for you to earn some money from this, from time to time send them an email alert with a product promotion and add your post link(of a short post about the product promotion which contains the affiliate link as well) within the email. 

I’ve heard people telling that due to the high trust that they formed with their visitors, they have a conversion rate of 15%-20%. 

Again, if we would get 1000 people a month from the email list on a post on our website and this time we would advertise for a $40 product with an 8% commission, we would earn $480-$600 for a conversion rate of 15%-20%.

Those are all great ways to earn money from your own blog. However, as I said in the beginning of the lesson, the first thing you need to do in order to assure yourself to win big and not a few dimes, is to focus all your time in creating content. Create hundreds of posts.

Create content until you get to your local news contact you… LOL.

The higher the traffic, the higher the income!

That’s all on how to make money by writing a blog. If you have any questions left, make sure to share them with  me in the comment section below! Cheers!

Remember that sharing is caring ! ^_^

6 thoughts on “How To Make Money By Writing A Blog

  1. Blogging is a sure way that publishers can make money. If the author writes interesting content his readers will keep going back to his blog and will even tell others about it.
    The blogger must keep his audience in mind so that he can be certain that his work is being appreciated. I agree that a lot of money can be made from blogging.
    Thanks for the post.

    1. Hi, Luna!

      Thank you for your comment! Indeed, once you have your own network, you could make lots and lots of money and with a good strategy, you could become a millionaire. But in order to achieve this, you must set achievable goals, be persistent and have an iron will. There are lots of millionaires at Wealthy Affiliate who have their website as their main source of income. 🙂

  2. There is some great information in this post, Thanks. I have been putting a lot into getting this niche site going with affiliate marketing but haven’t considered developing products once things really get going. I also liked the information you provided regarding the email lists. Very Helpful! I plan to check out some of your other posts as well. Thanks!

    1. Hi, Kayla!

      Thank you for your feedback!

      Well, I would suggest you to wait a few more months before moving to develop your own product. It usually takes around 6-12 months for your website to bring you traffic if you are doing your SEO right. I tried to develop my own products and I only discovered that I don’t have an e-mail list created to promote the product or that I don’t have enough money to invest in advertisement. I decided to postpone this and to focus more in creating content such that I would get 100,000 organic sessions in less than 18 months. 😀 Only after I will earn enough money from Affiliate Marketing, I will outsource my content and focus more on developing my products. 🙂 Wish you best of luck!

  3. Great informative post. I agree with everything. It takes little to make posts but can give you so much profit. What I have learned is to try to put as many key words as possible in the post. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi, Rob!

      Well, I am sorry but I will have to disagree with you! You don;t need to spam your content with lots of keywords. In general, I tend to use around 1 keyword for each post of mine and just write freely around that keyword. I’ve been doing this and I tend to get great traffic on some posts. 😀 As a matter of fact, I have a few posts on which people find me on Google under totally different keywords and that it is because I tend to write naturally and I am not focusing on that keyword. Today, actually, I even received 2 visitors from google on a blog post. In my blog posts, I never search for keywords. I just write something up in order to save my publishing frequency. When I’ve searched for that post on Google by what it could be the main keyword, I actually found it as being ranked as #1 in the search engine.
      Remember, that I didn’t even look for that keyword within the Keyword tool. I just decided to write a blog post fast and boom I’ve got on #1 on a totally unplanned keyword :D. How cool is that?

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