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In this article, I am going to show you how to get your website indexed in Google. There are a few tricks that I did to get indexed in less than 24 hours and I will share them with you for free.

Now that we have our own website, in order for our website to be shown in Google’s search engine or other search engines, we have to get it indexed.

That’s right, if you are at the beginning, your website will not show up on Google’s search.

Having Google as your partner it’s a great advantage. There are almost 3 billion internet users and statistics show up that up to 60-65% use Google as their main search engine. When it comes to mobile devices, approximately 90% of internet users use Google in order to search on the internet.

Otherwise, you can only promote your website through social media which is pretty hard to manage.

Usually, a website takes up to 7-14 days maximum to get indexed. In present I have 3 websites which got indexed in less than 3 days.

There are many reasons why your website might not get indexed.

Here are the most common mistakes that someone might make.

  • Copy pasted content.  Having non-original content on your website it surely makes the search engine to see you as a spammer.I know, at first you might find it difficult to create content on your own, but with time you will eventually get used to it. Click here to see more tips for content writing.
  • Having Affiliate links.

    Having affiliate links right from the beginning is bad because the search engine will classify your website as a spammer.

    Usually, on my websites, I avoid to put affiliate links before it gets indexed and I focus more on content development.

  • People are not engaging with your posts/pages. Google’s search engine wants to see that your content is helping people out. Try at the ending of different articles to ask your visitors to tell their opinion about the content created. Avoid asking your friends to comment over and over again on your posts.

In the dashboard, at comments management section you can see the IP of every user that leaves you a comment. I believe that Google’s search engine checks it too and when it sees more comments from the same IP it will assume that it is a spam.

There are 3 ways in which you can get website comments.

  • Ask friends to comment only once.
  • If you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate you can ask comments by going to site manager and click on comment sections (see in the below image)                                             screenshot_13

The last 2 methods will only work if you are a Wealthy Affiliate member. If you are not a member already and you are interested in what Wealthy Affiliate’s opportunities, click here to find out more.

Recently I had a domain transfer of this website from a .siterubix domain to the domain that you are seeing now. The problem was that once it got a new domain, it had to get indexed again.

I was afraid at first because I’ve seen many posts in which people told that they waited for more than 80 days to get their website indexed. 

That was not the case!

I got my website indexed in Google in less than 24 hours!


Here’s exactly what I’ve done:

  • Have at least 4 pages and 4 posts. Usually, I write around 500-900 words for each of them. I believe that they have to be related to the chosen subject so you can’t just to write about anything. Also, it will have to be helpful content.
  • Get over 16 comments. Make sure that you will reply to them, Google’s SEO appreciates if you respond to your visitor’s comments.
  • Add your website to your G+ account.
  • Remove all of your affiliate links and other links that redirect people to other pages outside of your website.
  • Try to have pages/posts that are linked with each other. For example, if you have a website about reviewing movies, try to make a page of your Top 10 best movies. Link your top movies to the article you wrote on each of them.
  • As I said, SE’s will appreciate seeing that your content helps people. An additional way to prove them this is by creating social media networks for your website.

Try to share relevant posts on FB/Tweeter, Instagram, Pinterest, G+ and also ask people if they can share your articles too. That way it will prove to the search engines that people appreciate your content and you will also promote your website through social media networks. So you will get two at the price of one. That’s great.

Follow those steps and you will get your website indexed too. It’s my 4th time when I got one of my websites indexed in less than 3 days.

Have any other questions? Ask them in the comment section and I will respond to them in less than 24 hours!


Remember that sharing is caring ! ^_^

16 thoughts on “How to index your website

  1. wow, really helpful information, thank you! I have one website and it took nearly 2 weeks for it to get indexed! I wish I had read this article back then and it might have made the process quicker! For anyone wanting to get indexed quickly, just follow the steps laid out above and it’ll definitely work for you.

    1. Hello Jennie!

      You can still consider yourself lucky. I really heard plenty of stories from people that got their website indexed after more than a month. Anyway, if you decide to build a new website make sure to read the article again! You’ll thank me later.

  2. Hello and thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed what you had to share and it all makes so much sense. I am sure that your readers will learna lot from your post. Your post is well detailed and fillred with tons of helpful information. All the best.

    1. Greetings Norman!

      Thank you for your positive feedback. I try to provide the highest quality for my readers for free. How much time it took for your website to get indexed?

  3. Great tips here, my friend. I highly agree that having your posts engaging is a great way for Google to notice you above all the rest. I had no idea that avoiding affiliate links when you first create your website would work, but it turns out I’m wrong about that. You seem to know what you’re talking about so I will take your word for it 🙂

    Thanks for the comprehensive guide, you’re doing a great job!


    1. Hello Brandon!

      You are most welcome! Thank you for your feedback. Having affiliate links right from the start is seen bad by Google’s SEO. It will consider your page as an intermediary website between customers and sellers. Imagine if you’re having many affiliate links in a post. It will make SEO think that you don’t want to keep customers around and you are pushing them to other websites and he will try to prevent that. Also, even after having your website indexed, I suggest you have a maximum of 4 affiliate links in a 1000 words article. The SE could also rank your article poorer for that and instead of showing your post/page in the first 1-2 Google pages, it will show your website in the first 10-15 pages.

  4. Great information and tips. I’m so acting on a few of these tips today. What are you thought using kijiji adds and such?

    Thank you and I look forward to more solid tips from you

    1. Hi Dale!

      Well, I haven’t used any adds yet, since I am busy on developing content for this website. My aim is to have around 500 posts and pages combined and after that to start ad campaign :D. But stick to the website and come back in a few months and I will create more posts about ad campaigns :).

  5. Very good tips! What is your experience with Google +? I have found that I get good ranking when I include my posts and such there. But, if I post all that I post on FB and other social media, it flags me as a possible spammer. There is a fine line. Do you have any tips on that?

    Thank you!

  6. Andrei, thanks for the tips! These tips seem easy enough to follow and I will be sure to use them. At what point to do you add affiliate links to make money?

    1. Hi Edgar!

      Well, once your website is indexed in Google and Yahoo(you will have to index your website manually for Yahoo&Bing); you can start to add your affiliate links. Make sure not to spam them on the whole post. In general, I aim for two or three affiliate links in an article of 1000 words.

  7. Hi! great tips I could definitely use them! I am just starting to build my first website and am having some trouble getting it indexed.
    At what point should you add affiliate products then?

    1. Hello, Rubi!

      You can start adding affiliate links after your website gets indexed in Google. However, I suggest you to be careful and to not add too many affiliate links. If your articles spam affiliate links, your posts will be ranked poorer. Try to have around 3-4 affiliate links in a 900 words post!

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