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how to hire a freelance writer

Greetings, guys!

Our main headline today is “How to hire a freelance writer”. The time when you had to search on google for a freelance writer or “ghostwriter” are long gone. Nowadays, there are many websites such as Freelancer and Fiverr that put in contact the freelancers with the employers.

However, before you jump on it, I have to tell you that hiring a content writer for your website or for your book will be an expensive process. You may find someone that shares the same passion with you and you may think that they will write a great post due to the fact that they love that topic. However, the harsh truth is that they are ghostwriters due to the fact that they want money.

Sometimes, their hunger for money can have a real effect on your posts. Meaning that they will try to create your post as fast as they can in order for them to have time to create other posts for other customers. By doing this, they will earn more money and unfortunately the only way you could counter their thirst for money, is to provide them a full time income. Sometimes, this may turn out to be a very extensive investment. You can find more about the cons of hiring a ghostwriter here.

Why to hire a ghostwriter?

To be honest, at some point in your business you will have to hire a ghostwriter. The main reason is that your business is in a continuous development. With time you will start creating more and more content and you will publish it more frequent. However, top websites  publish more than 2-3 posts on a daily basis and in order for you to outrank them, you will have to do the same. Those websites usually have 3-4 content writers because writing 21 posts on a weekly basis is too much just for one person. Therefore, the need of having a ghostwriter may occur.

Another reason of hiring a content writer is the fact that you may not have much time at your disposal. For beginning, I would suggest you to only publish 3 posts a week. It is not very hard and it should take you around 3 hours a week in order to create them. However, if you are a busy person, you may not have that much time at your disposal.

If none of those cases apply to you, then I would suggest to you to write your own content. It can bring you a few benefits. The main benefit is that you will discover more about your passion while writing about it. Another benefit, in case you are a non English native(like me), is that it will improve your English skills.  Writing your own content can also help you relax after a stressful day at work.


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4 thoughts on “how to hire a freelance writer

  1. Hello and thanks for sharing, I did not know that these content writers were called ghost writers. Very interesting but your point is well taken. I guess it is all a matter of knowing what you want for your business and then making that kind of decision. I guess it is also weighing the pros against the cons and going with what you feel is right for your business. Thanks again for sharing.

    1. Hi, Norman!

      Thank you for our comment! Even though I am usually against hiring a content writer, at some point you need to be realistic. I have increased my publishing frequency to 5 posts a week and I am looking forward to increase it to 6 in the next two weeks. However, I made a bad mistake and I asked on WA’s Live chat how many posts they published in a week. Even though most of them were saying that they publish up to 3 a week, there was a guy stating that he published anywhere from 5-12. However, he stated that he had multiple websites and if he had multiple blog pages then it is kinda normal.But if he could publish on his own 10 posts a week, then why couldn’t I? The answer immediately came to my mind, “I don’t have neither the time or imagination to do so.” Therefore, at this point I realised that I need to publish 7 posts a week for a few more months and as soon as I will earn a decent income for both ads and ghostwriters, to immediately hire one.

  2. I have two websites in different niches so you can just imagine how difficult it is for me to write and publish contents regularly and consistently, considering that I am working 8-12 hours/day. I used to publish articles 2-3 times a week for both of my websites but it came to a point where I got so stressed out so I decided to publish just one per week.

    At one point I thought of outsourcing or hiring ghost writers but I’m not sure it’s advisable to do this since I am not yet making money in my websites. What do you think? Although I love writing as it improves my writing skills, I’m kind’a tied up in my full time job that’s why I can only do one post a week, what do you suggest I should do?

    1. Hi, Alice!

      Hmm… This is a pretty delicate thing. What I would advise you is to give up on 1 website and fully concentrate on the other. 😀 You need to see that at least one of your websites will generate results before thinking of hiring a ghostwriter. There are a lot of people that earn lots amounts of money only from a website & then there are a lot of people that earn money from multiple sites. However, as I’ve been seeing, most people that focus for 2-3-4 years on one website are able to generate over $50-60k per months after that whilst people that tried to build more websites at the same time, are barely earning $ 4-5k per month. Therefore, I strongly advise you to focus only on one website.

      Depending on the nature of your website, you can also create a blog section. There you can always write short blog posts of maximum 300-400 words whenever you feel that you don’t have enough time to create a long post.That’s what I usually do when Sunday is almost out and I need to create 4-5 posts until Monday… Lol 😀
      Depending on the age of your websites, if they are older than 4-5 months and you don’t receive any good organic traffic(>20-30) per day, I would suggest you take a look at my posts and apply everything it says in them! 😀 Post 1 & Post 2 I would focus more on SEO. 🙂

      Hope that answers your question!

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