How to Google Fetch your Posts and Pages

Hi, guys!

Today, I am going to show you exactly how to Google Fetch your posts and pages :).


Before we begin, I have to tell you that this training will cover only the Google Fetch part. Therefore, we already assume that you will have a Google Webmaster Tools account.

Now, why would you need to Google Fetch a post?

Because sometimes, for your post or for your page to get indexed in Google it might take some time. Especially if your website is new. It might take a few days or even weeks. I, especially, have neither the time nor the mood to just wait for it.

Basically, by doing Google fetch, you let Google know that you have created new content on your website. You need to understand that by doing this, you won’t force Google to index your post or page. You will somehow “alert” it. You’ll make it more aware. In my experience, I always got my posts and pages indexed faster after fetching.

Step 1

Once you created your Webmaster tools account and you already added your website, copy paste the follow link within your browser:

Now, hover your mouse over the link of your website and click on it.

Step 2

It should look similar to this.

How to Google Fetch your Website in 2017 2018

Based on the age of your account, it might not look exactly like mine. If your account is brand new, it might say something like it is collecting data. Don’t worry, in up to 72 hours, it will start to show you the traffic that you receive to your website.

Step 3

Now, go to the left menu and click on the Crawl feature.

How to Google Fetch in 2017 2018


When the secondary menu pops up, click on “Fetch as Google”.


Step 4

Now, your screen should look something similar to this:



Here, in the box, you will have to insert your URL.

Don’t insert the beginning part of your URL. Insert just everything that is after the “/”. Make sure to get it all correctly. After you’ve inserted, click on Fetch.

-Ok… Ok… But what about Fetch And Render?!

Well, the render option lets you see what Google’s bot sees when it comes to your page. Don’t stress over that. A simple fetch should do it!


Step 5


After you clicked on Fetch or Fetch and render button, you will see that your post’s URL will appear in the list below.

Now, if you look carefully at the right, you will see a “Request Indexing” button. Click on it.


How to Google Fetch your website in 2017 2018


First, you will need to complete the captcha and then to select Crawl only this URL or Crawl this URL and its direct links.

Now, if this is a very important page of your website, like the Build a Business or #1 Recommendation page on my website, select the second version. If it is a less important page/post select the first one. Make sure to have as many direct links on your page. Direct links = core links. Here’s a detailed post on core links.

After you chose which one you want, click on the Go button.


That’s all on how to Google fetch your posts and pages guys! Wish you a great day!

*As always, if you have any questions, feel free to drop them as comments below! 😀




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