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How to get more than $3750 for free at Wealthy Affiliate

Hi, guys!

In this post I am going to show you how you can save more than $3750 just by being a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate.

So, I am not creating this post just to promote Wealthy Affiliate. I am doing to help you save some money since I already told you that I am your friend!

Now, the following things that I am going to share with you only work if you are a Premium member. The tax for upgrading to a Premium member is $19 for the next month and $49/month after that and I believe that you should exploit it!

Now, what you will get in exchange for a Premium membership. Well, Wealthy Affiliate or shortly WA, contains a lot of information and tools that other places will charge you up to even $20,000. I am going to list just a few things that WA’s Premium membership includes:

  • Email Marketing lessons;
  • Affiliate Marketing lessons;
  • Social Media Marketing lessons;
  • Search Engine Optimization lessons. I am not gonna even lie to you. I have recently created a buyer account on Freelancer and I asked for an offer for someone to SEO a website of 30-50 pages. They charged me starting from $500 for stuff that you learn here for free.
  • Keyword Tool. This is the most important thing of SEO. In the premium membership, you gain access to unlimited numbers of searches. In other places, you’ll have to pay at least $20 per month for this type of service!
  • Website Hosting for free. For real? We’ll the cheapest place to buy website hosting is Bluehost, where they charge you $5 per month. The price is just for hosting. They will charge you for domain/email/subdomain and so on. Here, they basically GIVE IT TO YOU FOR FREE.
  • Site Support. Support for free 24/7?!
  • Access to hundreds… maybe thousands of tutorials. Just imagine that since 2005, people created tutorials on a daily basis!
  • Unlimited access to the Live Chat. Really? Now you get to talk with everyone on the live chat for as much as you want. Just imagine when Dom or Kyle or other millionaires are on the Live chat and you will be able to ask them all the questions that pop to your head. Like FOR REAL? WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU WERE ABLE TO SPEAK 1-on-1 WITH A MILLIONAIRE? For me? Yesterday, because today I was busy!
  • Get access to over 2400 themes. Hate your initial theme? You can spend a whole month just browsing through the themes and you would still not see all of them! LOL!
  • Get as many domain emails as you want! Other places be like: We’ll charge you 10 bucks and you’ll have two domain emails. ARE YOU FKIN KIDDING? Here, we can create even 100 domain emails JUST FOR THE FUN… lol.
  • Want a subdomain to your main domain? Get it for free! What?! Yeah, I’ve just discovered as well. Basically, we can have as many subdomains as we want and the best part is that we won’t spend a single dime on them!!
  • Access to Site Feedback. Want more experienced members to browse through your website and leave you a 500+ words feedback about your site? Well, YOU CAN GET THAT FOR FREE!
  • Access to all of Jay’s webinars. Best way to learn something is to learn it from the Master. And Jay is one of the most experienced WA members. He basically takes time each week and creates a webinar about anything related to an online business. From marketing/affiliate partnership/seo/plugins etc. His last training was focused on being an Amazon Affiliate! He does that from March 2017! Over 10 years of experience!
  • Saw Dom’s post on how he has 100 people working for him and that he earned $600 million? Now you can contact him via PM straight away. And in fact you can send PM to anyone you like, as many times as you want.
  • Ever heard of an SSL certificate? IT COSTS $150. How much will you pay for it here? ZERO FREAKIN DOLLARS. What’s more?! You can have up TO 25 WEBSITES and have SSL CERTIFICATES FOR FREE FOR ALL OF THEM! THAT”s $3750 GIVEN TO YOU FOR FREE.

There are a lot more reasons to upgrade to the premium membership which I am not going to waste more time to write all of them. Basically, those are the most important ones and I hope that by reading them you will understand why I like to be part of this community and why I recommend it to be the ideal place to start or to continue to develop your business.

Now, if you are not sure yet, and still want additional information about how you create a website and how to monetize it, I invite you to take a look at my 6500+ words Wealthy Affiliate Honest Review. Don’t worry, I wrote all of the downsides as well! Otherwise, if you’ve made your mind, I invite you to join Wealthy Affiliate and get in touch with me!

Remember that sharing is caring ! ^_^

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