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How To Choose The Topic Of A Youtube Channel in 2017

Hey, guys!

Welcome to how to create a Youtube channel for free guide.  In this lesson I am going to show you how to choose the topic of a Youtube channel. I will try to explain to you every step you need to take while starting from zero until you have set up your whole channel and published videos. So make sure to put some time aside in order for you to read this guide carefully.

The secret to success in this overwhelming environment is to start up with a very detailed plan.

Don’t worry, I will try to explain as detailed as I can and if at any moment you don’t understand something, make sure to write down your questions in the comment section at the end of this page.

Let’s begin


How to choose the topic of a Youtube channel

Without a vision, you can’t accomplish anything in this life. The first test of your vision is to come up with an idea for your channel. What would be something that you’re good at?  Do you have any skills? Do you know how to make animations? Do you know physics? Do you know marketing? Do you watch thousand of movies a year?

The first thing you want to do is to take a white piece of paper and write down 10 things you’re good at. From that list, try to understand what you really like. What are your strengths? What do you enjoy doing? What you know you can do better than the others? Of course, I would advise you to try and do something that you like in order to not feel like working. However, we must be a little realistic. If there is something that you kinda like, but have no experience whatsoever then I encourage you to do something that you are already good at.

There are over 3 billion internet users right now. There is by far someone that has the same topic for their channel as you. You need to make sure that your channel is more unique. That it has more personality. That somehow it is better than the others.

Let’s assume that you are a gym trainer and that your channel will be about workout routines. In general, there are thousands of people that have a youtube channel or a website about that. Therefore, for this overly competitive domain, I would encourage you to choose a sub-section of this domain such as exercises to lose belly fat. Once you’re starting creating more and more videos, you will start to develop your own interactive community. When you have enough subscribers and a high average of views per video, then you can start and create videos on other topics as well(* this will be furtherly discussed).

In case that you are clueless and you don’t have any topic in mind, then take a look at the following lists:


1-> Prank Videos

2-> Strange Videos

3-> Fail Compilation

4-> Pet Videos

5-> Songs/Movies Parodies

6-> Trending videos(Planking, ice bucket challenge, bottle flip etc.) I know those are old, don’t juuudge me!

7-> Dancing videos. The worse you dance the better! That’s one way to viral!

8-> Cinnamon Challenges, Hottest Pepper, Eating a cactus(yeah, there actually is a guy out there that got over 9 million views for eating a cactus. Search for LA Beast Cactus edition).

9-> Making an animation.


1-> Game Walkthroughs

2-> Create funny compilations

3-> Take a coward friend and force him to play horror games

4-> Cosplay

5-> Review games

6-> Create top 10 2017 most expected games lists etc.

7-> Comment about the character’s background

8-> Make a top 10 list of the most dramatic ending games.

9-> Create a top 10 list of the funniest Steam reviews.

Ideas are out there, just use your imagination.


1-> Photoshop/After Effects/ PowerPoint / Excel/ Google Analytics tutorials

2-> Makeup tutorials( Remember that women that earned over $3 million for her makeup and hairstyling videos).

3-> How to craft something(fidged spinners/  furniture etc.)

4-> How to earn money on the internet

5-> How to create a website

6-> How to start a youtube channel…LoL

7-> How to talk to girls

8-> Understanding what women want.

9-> How to create a mobile application

10-> How to play the guitar

11-> How to choose the right flowers for a date etc.

Once again, there are hundreds, maybe thousands of ideas.


1-> Cheesy food recipes

2-> Vegan recipes

3-> Traditional Christmas recipes

4-> Halloween Recipes

5-> Easter Recipes

6-> Recipes book reviews

7-> Pans, forks, knives, tables, ovens reviews.

8-> Desserts recipes

9-> Hamburger recipes

10-> Pizza recipes

11-> Diet recipes


1-> Product Unboxing

2-> Software Updates

3-> Microwave it/ Throw it in the blender… Why not both?!

4-> Try to break it

5-> Product review

6-> Product comparison

*Start microwaving cheap things until you earn enough money for iPhones. ** Don’t microwave anything.

Those are just a few ideas. There are literally thousands of ideas and I bet that you can come with at least 20 ideas in one hour if you put your mind to it. Try to make something funny or creative.

Step 2)Verify if your niche is indeed profitable.


By now, you should have a list of at least 10 ideas for your youtube channel. If you don’t have it, go and write it.

Now it is time to test if you are wasting the time with those videos or not. For this, you will need to take each item on your list and run it through Google Keyword Planner. You will need to set up a Google AdWords account in order to use the Keyword Planner.

Select keywords that have over 1000 searches a month in order to get some traffic to your channel. Additionally, to this, you can read my post on Keywords and Keyword Tool here.  It is more focused on finding keywords for a website, but you can use the same principles and find out keywords for your next Youtube videos. Moreover, you can also find out how many other websites have that keyword on their posts or pages.

2) Find video Keywords.

A video keyword is a special set of keywords that once they are searched on Google, they will pop-up Youtube videos. I believe the only way to check if a keyword that you selected on the previous step is a video keyword, you will have to simply copy paste it into the search engine.

As you can see for this particular game, the keywords The last of us walkthrough is a video keyword.

This is pretty much all for this post. Before you go further, make sure to come up with at least 30 keywords. Try to use Google planner, WA keyword tool, Jaaxy and the alphabet soup technique.

This is all on how to choose the topic of a Youtube channel. If you still have any questions left, make sure to ask them below in the comment section. Come up with an idea and I will try to help you out with a few video topics :D! 

Remember that sharing is caring ! ^_^

7 thoughts on “How To Choose The Topic Of A Youtube Channel in 2017

  1. I have been leery about starting anything to do with YouTube. I am glad I read you post, now it does not seem quite as intimidating. Do I need any special equipment? Is it better to use a desktop computer, or could I also use my ipad or iphone?

    1. Hi, Judith!

      Well, you don’t need any special camera or something like that :D. All you need to do is a basic camera, it can be a phone with a decent camera of… dunno… at least 8 megapixels in order to have a decent image and a video editor software. I have only used a software called Camtasia. It is pretty easy to use and you can learn it in max 1-day :). Besides those, you only need a little courage in order to not give up from your first try :). I believe that you can do it with the iPhone as well since there are many people that are live on Youtube. When it comes to Ipad, I am not so sure since it doesn’t have a pretty good camera :(.

  2. Hi Andrei, I now start to learn to make my own youtube channel. First thing coming to my mind is the audiobooks I listen to every night. Do you think there is something to work with?
    Then I have this question, on the pic of your google keywords planner I see this field called “suggested bid” and a money amount, what does that stand for?
    Thanks for your work and see you.

    1. Hi, Stefan!

      Well, I know that those tapes have a big success. There are a lot of different tapes that people use to listen to such as: learning another language, motivational tapes, emotional tapes etc. There is an entire industry out there that makes probably billions of $ each year from them. Therefore, I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t be able to make money.

      You can try to create different playlists for those people that sleep to the sound of birds or the ocean and so on. It is a pretty interesting idea and I am sure that with some work you can definitely succeed.

      The suggested bid doesn’t really matter. The google planner helps you find keywords and gives you the possibility to create Google ads based on them. 🙂

  3. Hello, tons and tons of great information on how to set up a youtube channel. Don’t have one as yet but my wife keeps telling me that I should. This information is timey and I can really use it. Thanks a million.

    1. Hi, Norman!

      Thank you for your feedback! Well, I kinda agree with your wife! It could be a good idea to create and add a video at each post that you have on your website. As I’ve seen your website, I am sure that you will obtain an awesome source of passive income! You’ll take the shortcut since you already got tons of posts. You just need to take some time to create videos on each post.

  4. Hey brother !!! Very informative site, and has a lot of how to steps as well. I will definitely be following up when ready to put videos on my site. Continue growing and best of success. Sincerely, Isaiah Israel Sr.

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