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Building a Website

Greetings, everyone!

In this lesson I am going to show you how to build your own website. It is a very simple process, that you can complete it in less than 1 minute.

The website basically will represent the location of your Online Business.  For those of you that are not familiar with it, in order to have a website, you will need to have the following three components:

A domain: This is the URL that people will type in the search bar in their browsers in order to access your website. For example: is what an URL looks like.

2. Hosting.  This is basically the “location”of your company. In order for your website to be online 24/7, you will have to use a hosting service( known as Registrars). There are many online companies that offer website hosting and some of them start from $2 month. 

Don’t worry, I will show you how to obtain it for free.

3. Website Builder.

In simple terms, a website builder is an application that will help you build your website for you. Of course this is chargeable on most sites, but I will show you how to use one for free. 

There are 3 methods of which I am aware of how you can have your website:

1) Build it on WA platform.

2) Build it yourself

3) Purchase a website

First option is to build it on the Wealthy Affiliate platform


This is the easiest way to have your own website. In order to this you will have to register at Wealthy Affiliate. It costs exactly $0, it doesn’t ask for your credit card information and it doesn’t have any subscription fee. 

I have been a member at WA for 7 months and I host here all of my websites. During this time, I haven’t had any problem with them. Check here, on my review, the features that Wealthy Affiliate has for you. 

There are two memberships at Wealthy Affiliate. A free membership and a premium one. As a free membership, Wealthy Affiliate will provide you hosting services, for 2 websites, at a completely free cost. Do not worry, this is a life time membership and they won’t ask for any money.

Currently I have 3 websites hosted there. I am a satisfied premium member since I get website hosting for 50 websites, website security, non stop support and I have access to plenty of webinars and tutorials of how to further develop my website.

Some people might say that is pretty hard to build a website and that it is time consuming

This is not the case at all. You can actually build your own website in less than 1 minute.


First method is by using the tool below. This is what a Website Builder looks like:


The second method is doing it manually. Once you registered, go to the menu in the left side of the page, click on the blue Site Rubix button and select site Builder.


After you followed those steps it should look like this.



Step 1

As a free member, which you can be as long as you desire,  you are allowed to have 2 completely free websites.

Click on A Free Website, in order to enter your URL. After you enter it on the up right corner it will show you with a green color if the selected URL is Available.

This URL can be changed later only if you decide to buy your own domain.

However, I must warn you that in order to have your own domain, you will have to upgrade to Premium membership.

Example: Free domain:

Purchased domain:

Before rushing and acquiring a domain, you will have to take into account that you will have to stick with it for at least a year. So I advice you to spend some time thinking about what your website will be and once you settle your mind on it, you can purchase it.

In order to get the best name for your website, I encourage you to use the WA’s Keyword tool. As a free member it offers 30 free searches. As a premium member, you will get an unlimited amount of searches.

Find out more about what is a Keyword and why would you need to use a keyword tool by clicking here.

The price for your own domain can vary around 10-15$/year at WA and yes it is not a typing error, the price is per year and not per month. However, you can find more affordable domain names at Namecheap or other places and make a domain transfer. It is a little more complicated but if you choose that, here is a tutorial that teaches you how to transfer a domain from Namecheap to WA.

Step 2

Name your website.

This will be the name that will show up when people search on google.

Naming something was always difficult for me because I had so many ideas. If it is the same for you guys then I come with great news. It is not that important on how you name your website because you can always change it later!

As an example here is one of my websites:


You can see that this particular website has a free domain and BEST HALLOWEEN COSTUMES is the name of the website. The name of the website is the name that will appear in the Google’s search list. It is pretty important to be appealing since it will be considered as a cover for your niche. So choose any name right now but in future try to come with a very appealing name!

Step 3


As a free member you only have access to 12 themes. Many of them are good looking and Kyle, founder of Wealthy Affiliate, actually made a step by step tutorial in built himself a website on one of the free themes.

Themes are the interface that you see when entering a website. The menus, the layout and pretty much every aspect of the website is a part of a theme.

As a Premium member you have access to more than 2,400 themes. However, if you decide to stay as a free member, you can always find free themes on the internet and can upload them to your website.

Step 4

Build your website.

This is your last chance to decide about your URL.

Once you pass this point, your only option of changing it will be either to acquire a paid domain or if you already acquired a paid domain, you will have to wait a year until you can change it back. Of course you can purchase a second domain and move your website to that domain but that would only be a waste of money.

My advice for you is to select a FREE URL and start creating content. Therefore, after one or two months, when you finally figure out what you are going to do with the website, you can acquire your personalized domain.

But if your mind is set up, you can purchase your domain right now.

So, after verifying the info just click Build your Website and in under 15 seconds your website will be completed.

Option 2) Build it yourself

This is a more technical alternative. However, if you choose to follow this alternative, I must warn you that is going to cost you. I strongly recommend you to try the first alternative.

You will need the following three things:

  1. Domain
  2. Hosting
  3. Website Builder

The domain is the website URL, for example:

Technically is the address that you have to type in the search bar in order to access your website.

There are many places from where you can purchase a domain. The price depends on the keyword’s power. If you choose a keyword that is frequently searched the price might be even over $3000.

Don’t get scared, most of the website domains cost between $5 and $14. For example, I purchased mine at $13.99 per year. Most domain registering companies offer a domain renting for a year with the possibility of auto renewal when it expires.

One of the best places to buy a domain name is Namecheap. Usually a domain at them costs around $10 per year.

Hosting your website is a bit complicated. There are many services that offer hosting, but most of them offer undesirable service. Usually website hosting price varies from $10 a month and up to $50. A good host provider will keep your website running smoothly and will keep hackers away. They will also offer you support 24/7.

As I said, I host all of my websites at Wealthy Affiliate. I also heard positive things about KnownHost. At KnownHost the host will cost you $25/months and will offer you the option to have unlimited websites.


1) Purchase Domain From Namecheap
2) Point DNS to Namecheap (may take 24-48 hours)
3) Log Into cPanel
4) Go to Addon domain and create domain*
5) Go to Site Software
6) Choose Blogs, WordPress
7) Create Username, Password, Email, Install URL, etc. info
8) Install at root domain (leave installation URL blank)
9) Do not change “table prefix”.
10) Select “Create New Database”
11) Log into WordPress and Proceed

*If this is your first domain, you will not need to “add” a domain. It will already be created so proceed to Step 5

** The process is similar for most hosts. The main idea is to get a domain, then log into cPanel and install WordPress on your domain

Buy a domain from your Namecheap.

Change the DNS to point to your host (can take 24-72 hours)

Log into cPanel

This is cPanel navigation. You may or may not need to create the domain

Create your domain here

Choose a WordPress blog for your website builder

Fill in necessary information. Make sure “installation URL” is blank and don’t change anything about the database

Save your password and login details. Go to for the login page to get started!

Last option is to purchase a Website

Some people just don’t have enough time to spend in order to build and to create content on their Website.

Therefore, the best option for those people is to purchase a website already created.

I already have a few websites and in the future I will probably make a few more on general topics. Most of the websites will have over 9,000 words and some of them over 18,000.

Click on the button above in order to check all the offers that I have created

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14 thoughts on “Building a Website

  1. Following! Thanks for the tutorial. Your step by step sure makes things a lot easier than I expected! Thank you for your hard work!

  2. It is a detailed explanation of the screenshots on build online business. I curious to know to know which hosting company charge 2 dollars for a month on website hosting. Thank.

    1. Hi, Jamin!

      Well for $2 a month you can host a website at Bluehost. But this is only for website hosting. You have a strict website capacity, you will have to pay for a website e-mail, security and many other features that, at Wealthy Affiliate, are included.

    1. Hi, Juan!

      Well, I tried Namecheap and GoDaddy. However, their plan, which is the same with Bluehost, is to offer you the lowest price but to charge you for any other website feature, such as: E-mail, security, themes etc. Those features are included at Wealthy Affiliate and this is why I host my websites there.

  3. Wealthy Affiliate has the kind of training that can help anyone in this area and that is the building of their very own website. Building website has never been so easy. The step by step training here is clear and easy to follow. Your post is well detailed and very informative.

    1. Hi, Norman! Indeed, WA has lots of great opportunities for someone that wants to build an online business!

  4. This is an excellent and very detailed post to learn about building a website. I can appreciate the step by step instructions. Also, I appreciate the author choosing a proven and trusting program to offer for the training.

    1. Hi, Maurice!

      Thank you very much for your comment! I really want to deliver the best options for everyone such that they will be able to learn how to build an online business without getting scammed. 😀

    1. Hi, Maurice!

      Hmm, besides offering you two free websites with hosting included, Wealthy Affiliate also offers a lot of Affiliate Marketing lessons, Internet MArketing lessons, E-commerce lessons, E-mail Marketing lessons, Content Writing lessons, SEO lessons and plenty of other stuff. Imagine everything you need to know in order to build and run an online business in a single place. Check out my review on them here.

  5. Wow, You have a very thorough easy to understand post on building your first website.

    Wish I had seen this before I got started. I will be sure to share this with any newbies I come across

    1. Hi, Clyde!

      Well, I wished that too. A few years ago I wanted to build a website, but I gave up because I didn’t knew any coding skills. 🙁 I still regret today for not taking enough time to dig and to find this. Who knew where I would’ve been right now. 😀

      Thank you for your initiative. I hope that this post will be able to help newbies and that they won’t run away thinking that it is way too hard to build a website. 🙂

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