How much time it takes to earn real money?

Hello, people!

So today’s topic is about how much time it will take you to be successful.

Many people have the impression that you only need to work 3 hours a week and you’ll be able to quit your full-time job and have a successful online business.

Myth or not?


In the first months, you will have to work more than that. You will have to spend almost 20-30 hours a week to work on your website in order to obtain something.


Let’s do a comparison to your job.


Usually, people work on shifts from 9-17 which means 9 hours of work 4 days a week while for Friday let’s assume that you will have a short program of 9-14. This means 36 hours + 6 hours = 42 hours of work. You spend all that time earning let’s say 2,000$ a month.

This sounds pretty good, right?

But when you work for yourself creating your own business online, take into consideration that this is a long-term investment. For probably 6-7-10 months or a year. Usually, from what I saw, there are people which after 1 year succeeded to gain around 1,500-2,000$ a month and were able to quit their full-time job.


Now when you have a normal job probably you work very hard and try to advance to get a salary bonus or even a promotion. But how hard is to get a salary bonus? How many extra hours you have to work besides your normal shift? How may weekends do you spend working on your job and in the end your boss won’t even take into consideration to give you a raise?

What about promotion?  Yeah, you might think that when your boss promotes you in the first year it’s something, but if you think about it, you haven’t advanced so much since your last position in your job. How much? 10% raise? 20%? So what will that be? In best case scenario where you will get 20% which will mean to work very hard and struggle really hard for your boss to even consider doing it: 2,000$ * 20% = 2,400$; 1 year = 52 weeks* 42 hours of work a week = 2184 hours spend working for someone else. Note that this doesn’t include the extra hours spent in weekend

A real promotion  where you really move up in your company it happens usually around 2-5 years after all your hard work. However, you’re not even sure that you’ll be the one which your boss will promote.

I mean come on… He got that guy which he recently hired half a year or a year ago which he knew him from childhood or is one of his relatives which your boss will promote instead of you.

Doesn’t this sound familiar to you? How many times did you hear one of your friends complaining about this?

So let’s do the math again: Let’s say neither 2 or 5 years. Let’s take half which is 3.5 years. Now you spend 3.5 years. Yeah sure your salary isn’t 2,400$ a month, he might give you a small raise which what will be? 10%?15% Less? So : 15% *2,4000$ = 2,760$ a month. Yeah, 2,760$ means 33,120$ a year without any bonus.


But let’s look at the other way around. So you spend 3,5 years of your time working 42 hours a week that is :(3 years* 52 weeks + 1 half year* 26 weeks) * 42 hours = 7,644 hours.

Of course, take into consideration that I didn’t include extra hours that you will work during your shift or on weekends. Trust me, you will have so much work to do that you won’t know even where to start from.

Now let’s take a look on what building your own business has for you.

Wealthy Affiliate has a special section which is dedicated to success stories. Here, real people like me or you, share their success stories and how they managed to achieve it.

Now please take into consideration that those are only a small amount of success stories which I’m gonna share with you below. For more, you can click here to access the success stories of real people from WA and how their life changed.


After studying a long time those people’s success stories, I came to a conclusion that one’s success, if it works hard will be like:

In the 8th or 9th month you will start earning between 500-800$ a month. By the time you hit a year most people get over 1,000$ a month and by a year and 3 months they get 2,000$.

Now you can’t tell how much those people work a week but let’s say they would use my advice and work for 20 hours a week.

Since you can work from home on a weekend this results in 20 hours/7 days= 2.85 hours a day.

Therefore within a year you’ll have 52 weeks*20 hours = 1040 hours spent with an income of at least 1,000$

While working on a schedule and on the weekends for your boss; you will earn a 20% raise and you will  2,400$ but with 2,184 hours spent.

Remember that those hours do not include extra hours you spend working over schedule and neither the couple of hours you spend working on weekends.

Until now, having a 9-5 job sounds great, but when we take a look near 1,5 years the situation changes drastically.

Your online business will start to generate at least 2,000$ a month while the hours you spend working on your online business start to diminish from 20 to 10 hours a week which results in 1.4 hours of work within a day.

Your boss will still give you 2,400$ a month. You get a new raise It doesn’t sound plausible in such short time interval unless you work day and night. You still work around 42 hours a week and you will have to wait at least a few more months before you ask for a raise.

Under no circumstances I suggest you to quit your job. Maybe you like your job, but a backup plan doesn’t sound bad right? It sounds even more appealing when you can start it in your free time so you will get to keep your job.

Having two business with Wealthy Affiliate is completely free.

They don’t ask you for your credit card and there aren’t any hidden charges as a free membership.

Also, you can keep your free membership account forever. But if you decide to go on a premium account you will have the possibility to build 25 free websites instead of 2 and an additional 25 websites with your own domain.

So my work for today finished in approximately 1 hour and I still have time to go shopping, to spend with my girlfriend, to do some fitness exercises and to watch a movie.

In conclusion, having your own business is one of the best things you can do. You don’t have to invest any money if you don’t want to. If you’re interested more in the opportunities which Wealthy Affiliate has for you click here.

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6 thoughts on “How much time it takes to earn real money?

  1. Time is certainly something we all have a love/hate relationship with. I know when I first started out with Affiliate Marketing I wanted to see results. Now. After seeing nothing with just over 1 month of trying I gave up.

    A year later I decided to try it again and REALLY put in effort. I’ve been at it for a little while though and have been happy with my results – results I feel came from NOT giving up again.

    The only difference between the guy who has spent months to earn thousands of dollars and you, the new guy who is only a month or two in with no results, is TIME.

    – Nehpets

    1. Hi Nehpets!

      Great to see you again!

      You’re right. Time is a vital component of success. However, it also depends on how much work someone is willing to invest in his own business.

      I see a lot of people that take the wrong path. They usually start by spending 20-30 hours a week on improving their website and with time they diminish the amount of hours to 2-3 a week and even to 10-15 minutes. Yet somehow they expect to earn a lot by doing this but they tend to forget that in order to have success, you have to strive and work hard on your business for at least 7-10 months and in some cases even a few years. You can expect to work a few numbers of hours and earn a few hundreds of dollars a month, but that’s not the point. Here, we talk about thousands of dollars. We want to quit our jobs and to afford to live the rest of our life in care-free.

      So in order to have success, in my opinion, you will need time, commitment and patience.

      1. Hey Andrei,

        This is a very good point. I think there are possibly three types of people who are trying to succeed online.

        The first are those that are driven to replace how much they actually earn at this moment and time, in order two semi-retire and work only 3 hours a day.

        The second type of person is the one who wants to be the best, they want to earn as much as possible from this business.

        And lastly, there are those that just want an extra bit of income on the side.

        1. Hi, Declan!

          Sorry to disappoint you, but I believe that I am actually a hybrid between the 2nd type and a fourth type. Recently, money were actually off of my mind. I just want for my website to be very successful and to have a high authority in this make money online niche. My goal is to start and receive over 100k visitors a month. At first, I was in this for the money, but now I really want to see if I can succeed in gaining authority in this “overly-populated” niche. What is your type?

  2. Although success is a relative term no matter what success means to someone you have to put the work in. I know you have stick to the schedule you set for yourself. You also need passion and commitment. The information you have here sums it all up perfectly

    1. Hi, Maurice!

      You are right. For everything you do in life, I believe that you will need 3 key elements. First is to trust yourself no matter how hard things seem to be, no matter that you don’t see the results yet, you have to trust yourself and to never doubt anything in your life. Second is to be persistent. I know that things are not going how you planned, but with a little hope and a great amount of persistence, you will be able to find your way in the end! The third key element is to work hard. Even if at first you will work hard for 3-4 days, you have to assure that you won’t become lazier and you won’t start to spend less and less time while working for your dreams. For example, at an online business you will need to work hot not just 1 month, but six, seven, eight months. If you have those three key elements, I believe that you can’t fail at anything you propose to do in your life!

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