How Much Does An Website Cost?

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In this post, I am going to show how to check how much does an website cost. 


Okay, so this information is strictly for people who want to purchase an already built and indexed website.

By indexed, I want to say a website which can be found if you search for it on Google and on other search engines.

If you want to buy a fresh website, then this post might not be so useful for you.

Now, there are a few factors which indicate how much a website is going to cost you:

  • The domain;
  • The SEO score;
  • Daily unique traffic;
  • Website Age;
  • Alexa Rank;
  • Targeted audience etc.


The domain

The domain is the URL of your website. For example, at the moment when I am writing this down, my domain is “how-to-earn-extra-money-from-home”

The domain is very important. It is important because this will decide how much organic traffic is going to come on your website.

How can a domain decide that?

Well, it is all about Keyword optimization. The domain itself represents a keyword.

If you select a keyword which is searched for a lot of times during a normal month, it will give you an extra traffic.

Let’s suppose that you have the domain: Earn-Money-Online.

Now, when someone is going to search for Earn Money Online, all the results that contain this phrase aka keyword, are going to show up on Google. However, if you also have Earn Money Online in your domain, your website is going to be ranked higher than a website that has that keyword only in a post link.

For example: Earn-Money-Online .com  and Andrei-s-guide .com/earn-money-online/

The first example is going to rank higher because it contains the keyword in the domain. As you can see, in the second example, the keyword is after .com. Everything after .com is a link to a post.


The SEO score


The higher the SEO score, means that the higher is the website’s chance in order to bring organic traffic from the search engines. Therefore, the higher the score, the more the website will cost.

Usually, the SEO score of a page/post on a mobile and on a desktop can be found by testing on which is a tool from Google.

After doing the test for any page that you are particularly interested in, it will show you what you can do in order to improve the score.

*Important: A high SEO score doesn’t always mean that you are going to get more sales. For example, if one website targets the wrong keyword, you would probably receive a low amount of sales.

Example: “Who created Xbox”  and “Buy your Xbox today”.

Notice the subtle difference between both keywords? The first one targets people who are interested in finding out information on Xbox. The second keyword targets people who want to buy an Xbox right now.


Daily Unique Traffic


Well, this one is kinda obvious. The more traffic, the more sales.


Age of the website


This is among the most important factors that you need to check.

In order to have authority in any given niche, your website needs to be old. The older, the better.

The age of a website, basically tells Google and other search engines something like “Yeah, this website has been around for at least 1 year. The owner is a serious person and the chance of him giving up on his business is pretty low. Therefore, I should choose him and send traffic to him instead of ranking a fresh website(<4-6 months old), of whom I know nothing about.”

Basically, a website that is old and contains a lot of content, will have a higher authority than newer websites in a search list.


Alexa Rank


I am not pretty sure what Alexa is since I wasn’t too concerned about selling my website. However, at a glance, I can say that Alexa is a tool created by Amazon which has the purpose to rank all the indexed websites.

Now, what I tend to believe is that Alexa doesn’t rank the websites based on the niche. From what I can tell is that the websites are ranked based on the amount of content, SEO score, number of visitors on the website, the number of shares on social media, backlinks, visitor’s engagement,  and other stuff. In order to check the Alexa rank, click on the link below.

A freshly made website usually has the rank 10-15 million. However, I am not sure how often does Alexa check the website. Sometimes it might rank your website based on the stats of your website that are from a few months ago.


Targeted audience


Well, this is one of the most important facts. As I mentioned before, it is very important to know how to choose a keyword.

If you review a product X and you do affiliate marketing, your goal is to have your visitors read your review and to purchase the product in order for you to earn money.

Therefore, even if a website has like 30,000 monthly traffic/daily traffic etc. If the posts target people who search for “about product X”, it won’t make that many sales. However, if the website has an 1000 monthly organic traffic and the targeted keyword is “from where to buy product X”, it is possible to make more sales than you would make by targeting the first keyword.

Those are pretty much the main criteria in order to try and evaluate the worth of a website. There is a tool that can give you an estimative price:

However, the main problem is that the website data of which this tool uses to analyse the price is outdated by an estimative 2-3 months. In my case is around 4 months. But the price can give you a pretty good idea from where to start the negotiation.

That’s all on How Much Does An Website Cost. Hope that the post helped you out! If you have any questions feel free to share them with me in the comment section below!



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