How many headings should I use?

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In this post, I am going to discuss about the number of headings that you should use in order to have a good SEO.


Wait a minute… So even the headings have a role in the SEO?

Well, yes.

There are 6 types of headings. From 1, the highest, to 6, the lowest.

Now, for the search engines, you should use as few h1 as possible. In general, I never use the h1. When it comes to h2, it is recommended to use it in order to insert your main keywords in the text. You can create a post like and divide it in a few main topics. Let’s say that you will create a post where you will discuss something random like horror movies. Now, in that post, you can write about topics such as supernatural horror movies, 80s horror movies and top horror movies in 2018. For all of those topics, you can research a keyword and include it in the h2.¬†Usually, you should use a maximum of 4 h2 headings for your post.

For your visitors, if you are going to spam h1 and h2, will make them leave your website. Especially for the ones that are using mobiles. I would recommend you to use h4 for the main topics and an h2 for the title. I know that I said to use h2 for SEO, but let’s think a little. How helpful is if you are going to get hundreds of visitors and if all of them leave your website within 1 minute?

I think that it would be better to receive fewer people but to have an easier to read content. After all, the main idea behind SEO is to get traffic that will convert to your website. In my main reviews, I usually use 3-4 h4 headings and my posts usually end up on the front page of Google :). You can see some proofs by accessing this link: Proof that SEO works.

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