How big are your goals?

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How realistic are your goals? Are you trying to set goals which can happen only in dreams or you set goals which can be accomplished in less than a year?



Some of us don’t pay too much attention when we set a goal. Hence, I decided to create this post in order to make you more aware of the power of a goal.


We usually say something like “Yeah… I want to build a website and if in the first year I will get 10,000 people from Google on it, it will be a great thing”.

Or something similar to “Ok… I want to build a business which will generate a profit of $100,000 per year in the next 4-5-6-10 years.”


Those are completely normal goals. Those are “achievable” goals. However, those goals will ruin you and here is why:

Let’s say that we don’t want a six-figure business in 4-5-6 years. Let’s say that we want to create it during this year.

Okay, I agree with you that is extremely improbable for this to happen. However, the likelihood is not the point in this post.

If I decide that I want to create a business of 6-7 figures this year, while starting from scratch, I will set myself a pretty high goal.

If I am a serious person, then I will start to brainstorm for ideas in the first month and I will begin to invest more and more time in my project.

I don’t know about you guys, but usually, when I want to do something, I become obsessed with it. Therefore,  most probably, besides a 40 hours per week job, I would start to invest 54 hours working on my project.

I know, that sounds like a bunch of crap for most of you. Yeah… You say that you would invest that much time… But be realistic. When you get home from a horrible day at the job, you would most probably watch TV or socialize on Fb etc.

Well, not really. You see, the goal is to create a business such that it will allow me to quit the job that I am currently having. If you want something – no… If you are desperate for something, you will find enough time in your schedule in order to make it happen.


Let’s say that you will start to invest all those hours in your project.  Now, the main idea of setting up a high goal is that it doesn’t even matter if you will reach it.

What matters is that by setting an unrealistic goal such as creating a 6 figure business or a 7 figure business while starting from scratch until the end of the year, you will start to invest a lot more time in working on it.

You will be way more productive by doing this rather than setting an “acceptable” goal such as building a 6 figure business in 3-5 years.

When you set low goals, you will start and tell to yourself that “Yeah… I know that… I kinda want that… I will be able to create a business in 3-5 years… But… You know, I have a lot of time at my disposal… Maybe I will start next week”.

The next week then becomes the next month, season, year etc.

The main advantage of setting a highly unrealistic goal is that you will start to work hard every day in order to reach your goal.  For example, in the example above, today is January 5th. You already know that there are 360 days in order for you to build a 6 figure business.

While the deadline is near and near, you will start to invest more effort in your try to reach the goal. Hence, the productivity will be a lot more higher for a highly unrealistic goal rather than for an achievable goal.


The best part is that it doesn’t even matter if you reach the goal. In most cases you will not reach it. However, you will be a lot closer to reach it after that. You most probably will know what you want to do, you will know your niche and your competitors inside out, you will know your client profile inside out and so on.


Therefore, if you really want to change your life, I encourage you to set a goal such as building a six figure business in a year.  Let’s see how much you will achieve. As a matter of fact, I will try to do the same :D.

Don’t wast anymore time! Take a piece of paper and start brainstorming! 🙂

Time is running!!


Best of luck,


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