Got a Google & Udacity Scholarship!

Hi, guys!

Well, I have some great news :D!


So for those of you that have been through my blog posts, you probably know that recently, from the last month, I have started to study IT with the hope to change my career path.

Why IT?

Suppose that I was still in Aviation, seeking for an Aerospace Engineer career. What would happen if I would have started to work for 2-3 years as a technician in order to become an engineer and 1-2 years after that the company would’ve gone bankrupt or I would’ve got fired or something like that?

It is not that easy to find another open position within this domain.


If you work in It and you get to know Java/C++/C#, you will always find a position at another company if for some reason you want to quit, or perhaps you want to relocate. The domain it doesn’t even matter. It can be banks, pharmacy, medicine and so on.

Every industry needs IT. The IT became a MUST in today’s society. And if you think that this is the maximum where IT can get, just wait 3-5 years of the AI to evolve. It will replace a lot of jobs and every single industry would want an AI implemented within it.


So what about the scholarship?



This is my badge :D. Well, it is a 3 month probation period where you will receive courses on HTML, CSS & JavaScript and at the end of those 3 months, you are supposed to create a website.

If your progress is among the 10%, then you will receive an additional scholarship for 6 months, where you will learn more awesome stuff such as jQuerry OOP JavaScript, AJAX and more awesome stuff.

I am pretty happy with this since a month ago I didn’t know any programming at all… Well, I knew a little HTML and CSS by playing with them on my website, but I was far from those scholarships level.

Add this to my MSc in Computer Science and I will start to build a decent resume. I only hope that I will have enough time in order to build an awesome website at the end of those 3 months.

Don’t worry guys, I will not forget about you :D. I will still create lots of reviews in order to help you to earn money online and to be able to build an online business! 🙂

Have a great day,


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