Google Snipped my Content!!!

Hey, guys!

Well, I’ve got some great news today!

So, I was working on my post to prove that SEO works just fine( you can check it here) and while checking out to see what posts are on my front page of Google, I had the pleasant surprise to see that Google actually snipped my content!



So the keywords that I was searching for, without quotes, was “About Snuckls”. I had the pleasant surprise to see that Google actually snipped my website. I still can’t believe it that it would do that to a website that is only 5 and a half months old. Actually, I’m not even sure when it snipped, it could’ve been for weeks but I rarely check my rankings.

But what does snipping actually mean?




It might not seem that important at all, but I am happy about it since this proves that Google starts to trust my website and ranks it before any other result in the search list. If you take a closer look, there were 75,200 results that keyword and among all of them, Google decided to snip my website. If you look closely to the bottom of the page result you would see that there is even the Snuckls’s official website and instead of taking their definition of their own opportunity, Google decided to trust my website more.

That’s why I believe this is a huge step for my website. It proves me that I am creating quality content and that Google is actually happy about it such that it decided to snip my definition. Therefore, the very next step for me is to assure that I will create more content similar to this.

I usually don’t spend enough time to see what happens to my pages, but when I checked out the front page of Google, I was surprised to see that many keywords got me to the front page of Google and I am pretty happy about that. I believe that Google is like my best friend since it generates over 95-98% of my organic traffic.

I am still trying to become friends with Yahoo & Bing, but it seems that I need to wait a little more until I will earn their trust :(.

I changed the publishing dates from 5 posts a week on 5 different days to 5 posts a week in 2 or 3 different days and I tend to believe that it affects my ranking.

Starting from this week, I will try to publish once again on 5 different days to see what is happening :D.

That’s it for now guys! Hope you have a great day and that your business will have more success than mine! 🙂

Remember that sharing is caring ! ^_^

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