Google Rank 1 in 7 minutes… LOL

Hi, guys!

Today I have some amazing news about my latest review!

So, yeah… The title kinda says it all. I have decided to create a new review of a scam and after spending around 20-35 minutes in order to do a little research on it and to figure out what the mechanics of the scam are, I published it and 7 minutes later, jokingly I searched for the main keyword on google and somehow I found my post on the rank 1.



As you can see from the image above, I am using the incognito mode and I am doing a .com search in order to avoid for Google to filter first the local websites. Moreover, please notice that I didn’t even use the quotes within my Google search.

How is this possible? I still don’t know quite sure yet. My previous record was of 12 hours. Right now it took only 7 minutes… Or 7 minutes passed until I decided to take a look on Google after the post.

I didn’t bot fetch-ed in any search engine and didn’t do any SEO. As a matter of fact, I tend to believe that the main keyword The daily Traffic Scam review, is only put in the first paragraph. I’m not even sure if I inserted anywhere else in the text.


Getting a little into technical: The post has 1136 words, 5 inner links and 0 external links. I also had 0 shares over the social media networks!


So, how is this possible?


Well, I believe it is possible because I kept a constant publishing frequency for months and Google started to love me. This is all the proof that you need in order to see that if you keep working and creating content on your website, your efforts will be rewarded!

Remember that sharing is caring ! ^_^

One thought on “Google Rank 1 in 7 minutes… LOL

  1. How exciting! Getting ranked at all is impressive. Getting ranked in minutes is a definite accomplishment! Keep up the good work. Obviously, you are on to something.

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