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Hi, guys!


In the past few weeks, I  started to gain more and more organic traffic to my website. However, as I started to gain visits, I have observed that the Avg. Time on Page was 0 seconds. I mean how could this be possible? Like someone will click on the page and close it really fast? No, this is not the reason.

Even if someone indeed just opened my link in a new tab and closed it fast, then it should state something like 01-02 seconds. As you might be aware, your website is usually targeted by bots or as some people call them spider bots. However, this is not the answer we’re looking for. The main difference between a bot and a user is that the bots usually join and spend time on the main landing page of your website. For example, if we take my website:> Landing page.> Post page

Now, I’ve been targeted by bots for a few months and I have never seen a bot landing on a post page.  As you can see below, this is a perfect example of a bot:


You can easily differentiate a bot by the type of traffic. If it is source states that it is Direct, then it is definitely a bot. However, in our scenario my traffic source was ORGANIC.

So what is happening then?

As I read a couple of posts, both at Wealthy Affiliate and on other sources, I have discovered that the reason of why it shows me 0 seconds is in fact because Google Analytics isn’t able to measure the duration of a session for someone that browsed only 1 page.

So, if there is an individual that comes to your website from one post and it reads your content and then he or she decides to leave your website in order to acquire  a product and they are not browsing any other pages on your website, then Google Analytics will say that the session duration is 0 seconds.

In order for G Analytics to measure and give you this value, it needs your viewer to browse an additional page. In that way, it will take the time spent on the last page and it can compute a value. Even if your visitors spent 1 second or 1 minute or 10 minutes or even one hour( I had someone that spent 1 hour actually), if that person doesn’t browse the second page on your website, then G Analytics will return the value 0.  Remember that this info is strictly applying to your organic, social media and referral visitors. If the source type of your visitors is direct, you might deal with a bot.

For additional information, copy paste this link in your browser ->

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6 thoughts on “Google Analytics Avg. Time On Page 0 seconds

  1. Okay, I’m confused. So, what you’re saying is that I got a visitor to the page or post on my site that answered their search query, in other words, gave my customer what they were looking for, and Google doesn’t count it? That doesn’t seem right. Makes me wonder if GA is giving me an accurate picture of what my visitors are doing. I’d hate to start making changes when there’s actually nothing wrong from my customer’s point of view.

    Interesting post. Thanks for sharing!

    1. No no no. I’m afraid you got it wrong Sophia.

      I’m saying that the main reason why GA shows that your viewer’s Avg. Time on Page is 0, is because your visitor came from a search engine n one of your pages, read the article and then he or she left your website. They didn’t browse another post or page on your website. GA can count the time only when your visitor is viewing more than 1 page of post on your website.

  2. I find Google Analytics to be an invaluable tool for monitoring my website’s traffic. But at the same time, I’m finding that it’s also displaying inaccurate data, both when it comes to the bounce rate and the average time on my site.

    I know for a fact that each user spends at least 8 minutes on my site (but the average time spent on my site is less than 1 minute!?) And the bounce rate can sometimes be up to and over 90% which I don’t believe to be true for one second.

    As for the bot from “Ashburn”, I also find this as an annoyance because this bot visits my domain numerous times per day when there’s no need. Just when you’re thinking “cool, I’ve got another organic visitor”, it turns out to be the same bot!!

    I think as great as Google is, it’s Analytics tool is broken. And you would think with Google being so HUGE, it would put more effort into fixing its tools, so we can actually get real accurate data. So far, I’m not impressed by Google, and I hope that another search engine comes along with tracking software that beats Google’s lol.

    But having said that, I think Google Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) is a great asset for showing you in-depth search engine data for your website.

    Cheers, Andrei!

    1. Hi, Neil!

      Well, your bounce rate is 90% due to that bot that always visits your website. Probably if you check the stats of your website by the visitors’ city you will see that 90% of them come from Ashburn. I dealt with the Ashburn bot three times already and I believe that I will create a post around this soon. It has a pretty accurate data and in order to understand better the Avg time spent, make sure to check this post:

  3. Thank you for this information. As someone who is new to blogging and website management, I am confused by GA. As soon as I get a bit of free time, I am going to look for some tutorials on how it works and what the data means. I am glad that I read this post first, so that I won’t be bothered by seeing results of 0.

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