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Hello, people!

In this post I am going to show you how to set up google alert. It is a very easy to set up and it could provide you a powerful tool in order to come up with content ideas or to simply stay in trend with the latest events.

First step you have to do is to create a Google account here: . You only need a standard Google account and not a G+ profile.

Second step Once you created your google account, you will have to visit this page:

As you can see those are my five google alerts for this website. At the end of the day, I am not sure if my local time or UTC, I receive 5 e-mails with the top stories from that day based on each keyword.

Third step – Setting up Google alert I ironically wrote google alerts on the field bar in order to show you the advanced options. You could set your alert to be sent: As it happens or At most once a day or At most once a week. Depending on how much time you have to create content I would say that the best will be once a day.

Next option is to select the sources from where Google will collect the information. I left mine to Automatic and I encourage you to do the same. The automatic source includes sources such as: News, Blogs, Web, Video, Books, Discussion and Finance. You can also choose the language. This will be useful for those creating a website in a foreign language.

The region feature is powerful as well since it lets you to choose from which part of the planet you would like your news to be from. For instance if a new game is launched in Japan, you can select your google alert to show you all the posts from Japan about the game.

You can also tell Google how many results concerning your keyword you would like to see and in the end you have to introduce the gmail address where you would like to receive those alerts.

How does it help me?

It helps me stay in touch with the latest trend. For example if a new scam appears or is reviewed or anything else, I could easily check it out and write a review of it on my website. Google alerts are not strictly limited to this and if you have a niche about “computer games” or anything in the world, you could use that information to make a post on it.

Note: This is essential for people that have a fresh website. If you are going to create a post on an event that happened a year, two years, five years, ten years ago, chances are that there are already tons of posts on that subject already. Therefore, chances of you getting a lot of visitors to your websites are highly diminished. You can still get visitors to those old posts about events that happened in the past, but you will have to carefully select your “Keywords”. A more in-depth explanation of what keywords are can be found on the SEO chapter of my Online Business guide that you can access it here.

This sums pretty much all on how to set up google alert. I hope you found the tutorial well explained. If you still have questions unanswered, please write them in the comment section below!



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12 thoughts on “Google Alerts

  1. Great post on how to set up the google alerts, it is a great idea for your niche and to find out what your competition is doing to. It was very helpful, thank you for sharing your insights.

    1. Greetings Helen!

      Indeed, Google alerts can also help you find your competition on a specific niche. I forgot about this attribute, thank you for reminding me about it :D!

      Wish you a great day,


  2. Oh, I never heard of google alerts before and I certainly did not realise how important they are until I read your post. Nice easy steps laid out, easy to follow, thanks so much for your help here, much appreciated

  3. Cheers Andrei. I read about this before but now I have a new website, this makes it a lot easier, Thank you for sharing this

    1. Hi Michael!

      Well, it can’t get any easier than having your content delivered to you by e-mail :). Wish you best of luck with your new website!

    1. Hi Greg!

      Indeed, Google alerts can be very useful since they represent a shortcut of coming up with new content for your website :). Moreover, writing about newest, I believe is what sets the difference between the top websites that are ranked in Google and the websites from page 2 and 3. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to give it a try! 🙂

  4. Great post on google alert this is very awesome and a good breakdown. Easy to read and follow. Google alert is a very helpful tool.

    1. Hi Norman!

      Thank you for your feedback! I am glad that you find it simple to follow 😀 and I am sure that it will a tremendous asset to your business. Wish you a great day!

  5. You’re right, this is a great long term strategy. It lets you find out and be the first to write about a new topic or product that comes out. In a year form now, that product might be very popular and your site might be ranking first and you’ll get tons of traffic from it.

    1. Hello, Ben!

      This is the main principle. To already have the articles published when the product is released such that you will gain authority much easier on Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yandex. The main problem of this is that even if you will get like 1000-2000 visitors in the first month when the product it is released, in the following months, people will already know about the product being a scam and they will lose their interest in it. So, in order to avoid this, you have to constantly create content about the new products that will be released.

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