Good news! Today you can win $2000 at Snuckls!

Hey, guys!

I have some great news for you!


So when I was checking my results from the last draw, today I saw that the amount of the Snuckls Jackpot surpassed $1000!!

Now, for those that don’t know, Snuckls is an online daily lottery and for the past 3-4 weeks, they reduced the amount of their Jackpot to $1000 from $3500, a month ago.

Now, when I checked my email I’ve just seen an e-mail from Angie(a Snuckls official) which was telling me that today’s Jackpot for Snuckls will be $2000.

How to win $2000 on Snuckls in October 2017

What can this mean? Are they increasing once again the amount of the daily Jackpot? Is just one-time thing? Nobody knows for sure.

The reason they decreased the daily Jackpot in the first place was because they created another online lottery, called Baymack, and they invested money in Baymack’s daily Jackpot and probably in Facebook, Twitter, Google and Youtube ads.

Are they successful enough in order to increase once again the Jackpot to over $3000? I would say yes.

I log into Snuckls on a daily basis and I usually keep on eye on the number of Facebook shares that they have. For instance, from June to September they had between 3k – 7k shares. Today, the count hit 13.3k shares.

I am not sure what they are actually doing, but they should keep on doing. I would love to get some tips from them… Lol.

So, how do they earn money?

As explained in my review, let’s assume that you are a Youtuber. Now, all of the Youtubers want to get traffic on their videos. To get more and more views. Some of them have absolutely no problem in paying for this traffic. Therefore, they go to an online agency(Snuckls in our case) and pay them an X sum of money per 10,000 views. No, Snuckls’ problem is to get the people to watch people. Yes, you guessed it right. Here’s where you enter. Remember that you need to watch 5 videos in order to get a ticket? This is exactly why.

So, I tend to believe that they quite earn a decent income from us since they were able to build a second program(Baymack) and now they are able to come back to their main program and increase the value of the daily Jackpot!

Hope that this won’t be only a one-time thing. For now, all we can do is just wait and see!

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