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In today’s post I am going to do the opposite and show you why it would be a good thing to hire a ghostwriter. In case you haven’t seen my post about why it would be a bad thing to hire someone to create content for your website, you can check it here.

After I created that post, I received feedback from people that were claiming that hiring a content writer has its benefits too. Indeed, they are right, but on that post I focused more on the negative aspects whilst on this post I will focus on the positive aspects. Therefore, without any further discussions, those are the main reasons why someone should hire a ghost writer:

Reason 1


Your website generates enough money and you can afford to hire a freelance writer without paying him from your pocket. Once you have a successful business, you will need to focus more on other aspects such as marketing and expansion. Writing content takes a lot of precious time that you could invest in other activities. However, I would encourage you to hire a content writer only when your website will generate more than $500 per month.  In order for you to have a safety boundary on your profit. If you pay your ghostwriter $10 per post and you would publish around 3 posts a week, you will have to pay him around $150 per month. It is not the end of the world, but you will have to make sure that he/she will create a high quality content.


Reason 2


While some of us can afford time to write content on a website, other people can’t. Even I sometimes can’t afford to spend time writing content due to a few things that pop up on my schedule. I am lucky that I create and schedule posts in advance such that those unpredictable events won’t diminish my publishing frequency. However, for those of you that don’t have enough time to create and publish 3 posts a week, I would suggest you to hire a content writer. As stated at reason 1, you should hire a ghostwriter that will charge you $10 per 1000 words post. I believe that $10 it is pretty decent for 1000 words. If I think about it, I believe that I could create a 1000 words post in half an hour. Moreover, on the other post where I stated the cons of hiring a ghostwriter, someone told me that succeeded in creating 20 posts in 6 hours. Imagine earning $200 in 6 hours…


Reason 3


You may have a great need for fresh content. In order to outrank the top websites in your marketing niche, you have to increase the fresh content publishing frequency. For example, there are many people at Wealthy Affiliate that post anywhere between 14-20 posts a week. Of course, those people have ghostwriters since writing that many posts a week can be pretty exhausting. Therefore, in order to step ahead your competition, you should invest money in your business and hire a professional writer to help you out.


Reason 4


You may have a website that generates you a full time income and you want to create another one on a different niche. There are many people that practice this at Wealthy Affiliate. I personally heard of people that have around 4-10 websites and people that have 50 websites. Moreover, I also heard of someone that owns 150 websites. I also know people that earn over $160k from a single website. Therefore, it is not a must to have more than 1 website to succeed. It is more about how much effort you invest on your niche. However, if you really want to expand and exploit a new niche, you can hire freelancers to help you with that!


Reason 5


You want to spend time doing something else. By all means, this is what I want the most. I want to be able to build a business that will allow me to stay away from the 9-5 office job and that will allow me to travel the world and practice my hobbies all day long. The first step is to build an online business. Once you generate enough money, the importance is to focus on your goal: To be able to do what you want whenever you want. Therefore, after you taste some of your success, you should hire business personnel such as website SEO, content writers, social media analysts and a marketing team that will keep developing your business for you. This is our ultimate goal, right?


Reason 6

Chances are that a ghostwriter will have a different mindset than yours. Therefore, he might stumble across topics that you may not even think of. Moreover, if you come across an experienced ghostwriter, he will know by far more about your niche than you and he will be able to provide you a more clear structure and perhaps an expansion plan.



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4 thoughts on “benefits of a ghostwriter

  1. I just hired a ghost writer and I’m hoping I can learn a little something. Plus it’s hard for me to come up with good content. And I’m hoping I can add to it and make more like my own. I should give me a good starting point if anything. Really good post it was helpful.

    1. Hello, Darin!

      Creating quality content isn’t that hard. Trust me, you only need to take one hour off and just think about interesting things in your niche. I have wrote a whole post about how to create quality content here. Anyone can do it. It just takes a few times to practice your writing! 🙂

  2. Hey Andrei,

    As always – fantastic posts! This is REALLY going to come in handy for myself and I can imagine others as well once we have become slightly more established in our niches.

    I have often thought about hiring content creators for my website and that would be the dream come true – have guest writers, bloggers and people in my videos and this post really helps to outline the pros and cons of doing such a thing.

    Hey I hope you keep the great content coming because I am drawing on this to help ME with my own website bro!!!

    Great work my friend,
    Much love,

    1. Hello, Michael!

      I am glad that you enjoy my posts! I took a break from creating posts since I’ve had some problems. I am on a journey to find myself, but I will try to keep creating content at least once a week for the next period. I still have the next month covered with 4 posts a week publishing frequency. Therefore, make sure to come back and check my posts on a weekly basis! Cheers.

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