Getting traffic without targeting keywords

Hi, guys!

Today I am going to discuss about the importance of keywords.

Well, there’s been a long discussion on Wealthy Affiliate, about which is the best thing to do. To create free content on your pages or to write around keywords.

I’ve actually done both. I create most of my posts based on keywords. I usually choose only 1 keyword for each post, even though some members use around 4-5 keywords per post. However, this is what I do normally on my reviews or on my tutorial posts.

When it comes to the blog posts, that can be found when you hover your mouse the About Me text, I tend to write every post without even bothering to check for keywords.

Guess what?

I recently started to get some organic traffic from Google on a post. 😀 Here’s the post.


So the post was created on 23th of July. The first session I received was on the 31th of August. From then, I received two more on Sept 11th and one more today, Sept 15th.

What is important is that this post doesn’t target any keyword. I literally wrote it in order to keep my publishing frequency. I didn’t waste any time to check for a keyword or for something like that.

A few things about the post:

It has 276 words… LOL…

2 inner links

0 external links

and Guess what?

Since I don’t know what those guys wrote in the search engine, I decided to write a part of the title and see what happens. Therefore, when I searched for the keyword “Snuckls Reference”, which is the title of my post, it is ranked on #1 in GOOGLE… WTF?!?!




Basically, I didn’t write 300 words on a post, didn’t choose a keyword and somehow I’ve got on #rank 1 in Google.

This can only serve as proof that if you keep your publishing frequency constant, Google starts to like you and it will give you authority in the search engine.

I wouldn’t say that it is a lot of traffic, but I can’t complain. I never expected for this post to bring me any traffic at all. All I wanted was to write a blog post in order to save my publishing frequency and voila, that post somehow managed to rank on the first position on Google…LOL.

Don’t even attempt to believe that I fetched that post in the Webmaster Tools. I didn’t even share it on any social network and if I am not mistaking, with except to this post, I didn’t even bother to link the post in any other post or page of mine.

I am not even sure how this happened, but I will study it and I will try to replicate the process.

So, the conclusion today would be that you should not stress to always search for a keyword when you create a blog post. However, when you create a review or guide or tutorial, I would encourage you to look after one.

Hope you have a great day!



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