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Hi, guys!

This week I decided to make a little experiment and to try out to create a review and see in how much time I will get indexed, how much time it will take me to get to the front page of Google and how much traffic and conversions I will get in the first 24 hours.


So, if you are interested in this and have a few minutes at your disposal, make sure to read this post in order to find out.

I will start by mentioning that I am in the MMO or Make Money Online niche, which is one of the most competitive niches online. I am not sure if it is the hardest, but I am definitely sure that it is in the first 3 niches: Porn, Weight Loss and Make Money Online. I am not sure which one is more popular between weight loss and MMO. I tend to think that MMO is more popular than weight loss, but that is not the point of this post.

By being into one of the most competitive niches online, it sure makes getting indexed and getting traffic a lot harder than the normal time span that it will take for other niches.

Right now my website is around 9 months old. In the first two months, I created on average 2-3 posts per week. Mostly they were blog posts, meaning that they weren’t targeting any keywords. In the 3rd month I began to raise that to 4 posts per week and from my 4th month until now I constantly published 5 posts each week.

So, out of pure curiosity, I decided to create a review on a program which I actually received an e-mail about. It wasn’t even on my list. The name of the program is Skylom and this is the review: Skylom Review.

I will take you step by step from the moment of creation. I am sorry that I haven’t created any video. I will try next time when I will create a review to also make a video out of it.


So, since the writing of the review is not important(you can access the link above in order to see the whole structure of my review), I will start with what I’ve done after I finished to write the review. Just in case you wonder, it has 1860 words, 6 inner links and 3 external links.

It doesn’t have a main keyword. Just the title: The Skylom Lottery Scam Review which I put it once in the SEO title, in the first paragraph and in the last paragraph. However, if you look close you will see that this title can be divided into a few keywords: Skylom Scam, Skylom Review, Skylom Lottery, Skylom Lottery Review and so on.



Now, when I created it, I decided to add also the timeline in the picture. As you can see… Yeah… I kinda finished it at 3 in the morning. The post is seen like this because I use an addon called Elementor. Also, the timeline at the post says 01:10 because that is the UTC time.



Now, the very next step which I’ve done was to go to Google and fetch my new post. You do this in order to let Google know that you’ve published new content. As you can see there is once again a time difference. I think that is the hour from USA.

So, let’s recap. I first spent 9 months in which a lot of months I’ve been publishing 5 posts every single week. Then, when I created a new post, I made it around 1500+ words, added to it 6 inner links and 3 external links and Google fetched it.


A few seconds later…


Note that this is a search on Google, without quotes and without even using my whole keyword. There are 247,000 results and my website succeeded in getting ranked in position #1  in 4 minutes. As you can see, I am definitely not the first person who created a review. There are at least 3 competitors in this search alone and an additional 3 in the image below.



Now, I wrote another keyword and found my website still in the rank #1 just above a popular forum created to discuss about opportunities to earn money.

This is great because on my website I do all the work whilst on that forum, someone can type 2-3 paragraphs, in a post,  at maximum and after that hundreds of people or thousands of people can get there and comment on the post. It should be way over mine since the engagement is better than my post. However, Google decided that my post was way better than that one.


Have I got any traffic in the first hours?




Please note the time! I actually got traffic in less than 15 minutes since I’ve published the post… LOL.

Yes, you might say that I convinced my friends to go in, but it is very improbable to have a friend in Mexic and one in I Philippines… Lol.

What about the traffic after almost 21 hours?


Well, I haven’t named this post From 0 to 100 for nothing, did I? 



Please note in the left corner where it says Default Channel: Organic Search. This means that all this traffic came either from Google or from another search engine.

Also, note that the is almost midnight the next day. I took the screenshot 3:30 hours earlier than 24h. I was pretty tired to wait… LOOOL :D.

So, in less than 24 hours, I created a post from scratch, I’ve got indexed in Google in the FRONT PAGE, not on rank 7 or 8 or 5, but on RANK #1 and I even received 110 organic sessions with 101 Unique Sessions.

That’s pretty amazing… Or for me it is :D.


Okay, but what about conversions?


Yes, I even got that as well.



I know that is a very small payment. That is because this opportunity is a lottery and people earn money based on how many numbers, out of 7, they match. Those first 3 meant that the person matched only 1 number. Also, the winnings are divided by the number of people who participated. Hence, the small reward.

However, the small reward is not the point of this post. I will create another guide on how to earn big money in the next year :D.


So, if we draw the line:


  1. I decided to research and create a review which wasn’t even on my list.
  2. I created the review with 6 inner links, 3 external links(referral links) and 1800+ words.
  3. I Google Fetched the review.
  4. I’ve got indexed in Google and ranked on the front page of Google in #1 in 4 minutes since I’ve published the review.
  5. I’ve got the first 2-3 people on my website, from Google, within the first 15 minutes from publishing the review.
  6. I’ve got 110 search sessions from Google with 101 Unique users in less than 24 hours.
  7. I’ve got conversions on that opportunity.


I’ve got a lot of posts which were indexed in under 5-6 minutes for some months now. Also on the front page of Google. However, this was the first time that I decided to monitor the progress for almost a whole day. Here you can see plenty of proofs.

So what is my tip for you? Just write a lot of posts and publish them every week. It took me a while to get my posts on the front page of Google in under 5 minutes. However, that was due to the fact that I am in the MMO niche. Once again, if you start in any other niche you will get indexed and ranked much sooner than I did.

Also, one important tip is to never miss a deadline. Always try to maintain the same amount of posts that you published in the last week. Only increase the number of posts which you publish during a week. Never decrease them.

If you have any questions feel free to share them with me in the comment section below!




Remember that sharing is caring ! ^_^

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