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Hi, guys!

I finally started my Blog section. Here I will write random stories from my journey to success. I believe that here will be a lot of high hopes, frustration and excitement.

Well, I know that a long road lies ahead. It would probably take me a lot of months until I will achieve my goal and perhaps even years. My goal, for now, is that somewhere in the next 5 years to be able to earn more than $80k per month from my websites. However, I have to stay realistic a little bit and set some goals for the short term.

My first goal is that by the mid of the June, this website will have more than 100 posts and pages combined. Right now I have around 23 pages and posts combined, but I think that 6 of them are incomplete and one of them is private and it contains my review template for different online MMO(Make Money Online) methods.

I believe that I can write a post of 1000 words in 40 minutes. However, it takes me around 3-4 hours to complete it because I also have to make research, to add images and to format the text and to proofread it such that it will be easy to read.

So if I can write 1 article in 3 hours why would it take me two months to write 84 more? Well, it is pretty hard for me because I plenty of things that pop up every day on my schedule and delay my activity each day. One more reason, which I know that you experience it as well, is that I experience large amounts of exhaustion each day after dealing with a lot of things.

First of all, I need to find myself a decent paying job in London or in Essex because I want to enrol in a master program from October and I need money in order to survive there. I know what you are saying: “If you are having websites, why would you need a job? Isn’t this the whole point? ” You’re right, this is the main idea of having your own business, but as I stated in my online business guide, creating a website and earning money from it is a long term process. Therefore, I will need an income source for the short term period.

Second of all, I invest a lot of my time in getting the necessary documents to apply for the Master. Applying to a master it is definitely easy, but you have to run and get reference letters, academic situation papers, degree diploma, cover letter etc. Moreover, since English is not my mother tongue, I had to get some of my documents to an “authorised translator” in order to send them to university. I also need to take time in order to study more about social media marketing, affiliate programs, SEO techniques and HTML, CSS and Javascript. Furthermore, my girlfriend came back home for Easter holiday and I need to spend time with her until she leaves again. I know that all this sounds pretty easy to manage, but actually, hey are time-consuming and I am sure that you will realise this as well.

Well, 80k per months isn’t that realistic. There is one famous couple in which the girl created a blog and after three years she managed to earn $100k per month by doing Affiliate Marketing. Also, there are many people, such as Dom, that develop their own product and earn even $40k  a weekend. You can check his story here.

So if those people can earn money online, I can too!

As I saw, there are a few things that you need to succeed online. You need to publish content on a weekly basis. As a general rule you need to write 3 new posts or pages a week. Moreover, you need to persist even when you won’t see any results. An iron will is crucial for you and for this please check my Motivation page and my blog posts 😀 here!

Well, wish me luck guys :)! I hope that I will create at least one post each day from now on!

Got any questions? Write them below and I will respond to you as soon as I can! 😀

Remember that sharing is caring ! ^_^

4 thoughts on “Success starts here

  1. Hello and thanks for sharing your post is very informative with a lot of great information. I wish you the best of success as you work towards your goal!

    1. Wow, Norman!

      Thanks for leaving a comment at this post! It passed so much time since I wrote it! Thank you for your kind words! I still hope that I will create more than 100 posts and pages combined by the mid of June :D!

  2. Hi! Your website is SO insightful and fun to read. I love how you communicate with the community. Everything seems to have come together so great. I have found this site to be very informative 🙂 Thank you!

    1. Greetings Victoria!

      Well, it has come well and for example an hour ago I even got 7 visitors on my website. The only problem is that I am not yet satisfied with this… I want to work harder and to create more and more content :). I know it is possible and I hope that I will increase my writing speed even more. Currently, I can create 4 to 5 posts a day. I wish to be able to create even more! 😀

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