Few Tricks To Improve Your Ranking in Google

Hi, guys!

In this post, I am going to talk about a few ways in order to improve your ranking in Google.

Okay, so first of all, most of you have noticed that I mentioned Google. Is there any difference between Google and Yahoo and other search engines?

Well, I can’t tell you that, because I don’t know. All I know is that 99% of my traffic comes from Google. Therefore, I will do a little A/B testing in the following months for the other search engines and I will create a separate post with the results.

Ok, so basically our main aim is the Rank #1 on Google search list. I personally, have achieved it quite a few times. You can see here more on that.

Now, in order to achieve it, you will need to change a few things about what you are currently doing.

Before we begin, I will say that it will probably take you 2-3 months in order to start to see real results. Therefore, if you apply everything that I’ll write here and in the next week, you won’t see any results, don’t panic.


Constant publishing


One of the most important things is that you will have to start and publish 3 articles every week. Do that on a weekly basis. Don’t let any week pass without publishing those articles.

Don’t publish 40 posts this week and 2 or 4 the next week. It won’t help you at all. Trust me. Start with 3 articles and try to increase to 4 or 5(ideal).

If for example, you publish them on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, make sure to maintain those publishing days.

It doesn’t matter if you publish in 3 distinct days or 5 or even on the same day. For example, right now, I am creating and publishing 5 posts on the same day(Monday).

It only matters to publish constantly. If it helps you, you can even create and schedule posts in order for them to be automatically published. Here’s a full training on that.


       Keyword Research


One of the most important things is to assure that you choose a good keyword. I always use the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool. This is because I am a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, and besides having website hosting, responsive themes, support, access to training, SSL certificates, I also have this Keyword tool included within the membership. You can find more on Wealthy Affiliate here.


Now, I know that you probably heard of Jaaxy or Google planner or even Alphabet Soup. I personally don’t use Jaaxy because I already have this Keyword tool included in the membership. Google planner if I remember correctly it doesn’t show you the exact competition(I mean the exact numbers of your competitors – It only says Low/ Medium / High), and the Alphabet soup is bad because you don’t know the number of monthly searches.


Now, for those of you who use the WA Keyword tool or Jaaxy, because both are pretty similar, the ideal thing to do is to look for a keyword which has over 100+ monthly searches and a competition(QSR) of less than 50.

If you don’t know pretty much about Keywords, Alphabet soup and other stuff like that, make sure to check this post: Seo For Dummies.


Core Linking


One of the most important things you need to have are the inner links. Basically, an inner link is a link from one post or page within your website, to another page or post on your website.

You need to create a lot of those links. Try to create as many as you can. Not 100, not 200, not 10,000. Aim for 100,000 and even higher. However, try to have only 6-8 inner links within your website. Check out this post where I discuss more about the core links.


Google Fetch


One of the most important things, which I recently learned is that every single time when you create a new post or you modify your title or URL on your post, you will have to go to Google Webmaster Tools and Google fetch your content.

It doesn’t matter what you think you’re doing. Just go, straight away and Google fetch your pages and posts. It really helps.


     Don’t spam with the keywords


I usually use one keyword per post. Got two almost similar keywords? That’s great. Create two different posts.

You were wondering what you will write about? This is the solution. However, make sure that the posts that have the same text. Try to use different words. Explain yourself in different ways within your text, but also don’t choose keywords which are almost identical.



How to build a computer  &  How to assemble a computer               – > BAD

How to create a website for kids & How to create a website for teenagers      – >  GOOD.


Why one is bad and the other not? In the first case, if someone searches how to build a computer, there is a high possibility that both your posts will appear in the search. Now, to see two posts on page 1 from the same website it is pretty weird. Especially when they are on the same subject.

In the case 2, even though the post will have the exact same message, it is acceptable because they are targeting two groups of people: Parents with kids and teenagers. It is nothing fishy about it.


Comming back to the subject, the idea is that in order to assure that you will rank for that keyword, you will need to mention it a few times in the post.

You can’t have 5 different keywords and mention all of them for 3-4 times. It will make the text unreadable to your visitors.

PS: In this post, I am not using any keyword. Don’t try to find it :D.


Always Share your posts


It doesn’t matter what you write about it. Just write it and share it. It doesn’t matter even if is in Russian, Hungarian, Indian or anything at all. Create the post and share it on your social media fan pages.

It will also help to increase the number of people that your posts will reach within each individual social media.


Keep your posts updated


Yes. I know. You’ve created the perfect post and you are probably even right. However, the search engines want to see that you are constantly updating your content. Try to write something extra every month on all the posts that you have, if you can.

If your comments are not urgent, don’t reply to them as soon as you get them. Wait a week, two weeks and then reply. The comments are considered as part of the post/page as well!!


Anyway, that’s all I can think about it today guys! Keep your eyes on the website section because whenever I think of something else, I will create a post for it! 🙂


Remember that sharing is caring ! ^_^

2 thoughts on “Few Tricks To Improve Your Ranking in Google

  1. For articles quality is very key. Quality articles will build up very easily and make people come back for more. So do not publish articles just to fill up the ”quota”.

    1. Hi, Sniper!

      Well, it is true that sometimes I create articles just to keep my publishing frequency. However, in my case, I’ve seen if I mess with the publishing frequency, Google will punish me. I agree that it is important to have quality content, but if you work alone and you don’t have that much time, sometimes you might just slip in a few articles which don’t have such a great quality :D.

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