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I usually spend around 20-30 minutes each day on Facebook and it happens that I see a lot of stories that seem pretty unbelievable. They are different from those Clickbait posts due to the fact that a clickbait title has the role only to attract visitors to a completely different content than it’s advertised.

Usually those fake stories from different Facebook pages sound pretty unbelievable and they have the role to capture the audience’s interest such that they will come from Facebook to their website. It is not a clickbait since it contains the story, but most of them seem too amazing to be true.

Those websites are not that far from common and you can usually see fake stories usually on news websites. Many popular websites such as Forbes, contain fake stories in order to attract a larger scale of audience.

Why do those websites appeal to this methods?

Go and take a look to one of those websites that you can find on Facebook. Once you click on it, you will see that they are full of ads. This is due to the fact that they will get paid from anyone that will click on their ads. I’ve seen many websites that earn over  $3-4000 only from this. Those are usually from websites that have around 20000-30000 monthly visitors and I am afraid to find out how much can a website with over 1 million monthly visitors can generate only from those ads.  Who knows? 10,000? 20,000? More?


What are the side effects?

Well, there are a lot of side effects. If you provide fake stories on your website, you will successfully diminish your audience’s trust. Without trust, people will start and avoid your product reviews and they won’t purchase them anymore. Without them purchasing the products, you will not earn any commission and all your hard work would be in vain.

The bad reputation spreads fast and soon you will see that your website won’t have any visitors left. And for what? A few pennies from an ad?

What I recommend

Instead of earning a few pennies from a poor ad, I would advice you to try and do affiliate marketing. Instead of writing fake stories or creating a clickbait title I would suggest you to learn how to create quality content.

Imagine that for each visitor that clicks on an ad, you get anywhere between 0.03 to 0.20 pennies. However, if you review a product that you trust and create a quality content that will convince people to acquire it, you can get anywhere between 8% commission(Amazon) to 70-80%. Now imagine that someone will acquire a product of $100 that you review. Instead of getting $0.10 from your ad, you will get anywhere between $8-80.

See? It is just bad business to monetize your website with ads. What I discussed above is a very simple explanation of Affiliate Marketing. I have a whole chapter in my Online Business Guide about affiliate marketing and you can check it out here.  There are many people that earn good money from it.

Some people earn $2,000, other earn $5,000 and then there are some that earn over $100,000 or $100k a month from it. So what are you waiting for? Start here and learn more about how you can become partner with Amazon.

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8 thoughts on “Fake Stories – Business Cancer

  1. If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s fake news articles online. What’s worse is people sharing them thinking they’re real. And I agree, sometimes those ads can be truly annoying. The affiliate marketing commissions you mention are MUCH better.

    1. Hi, Eric!

      It is pretty incredible people do in order to gain a little audience. Two months ago I actually heard on TV that Germany is going to take measures and to sue those websites that provide fake news!

  2. Great report. I hate those posts where it gets my attention by showing me a great title. When I click on it, it has so many choices where to click to get to the actual article. If I click on the wrong one, it would take me to an ad instead of the actual article. It’s even more despicable when people create fake stories just to get you to their website.

    1. Hi, Bing!

      Well, some people will do anything in order to earn some money, but this shouldn’t be the solution. In the end, they will realise that no one will trust their website anymore and they will lose their precious audience.

  3. You definitely make great points in your post. People don’t like to be deceived and usually deep down people learn the truth. Affiliate marketing is a way to go and when done right and it does really lead to success.

    1. Hi, Udoh!

      I believe that Affiliate Marketing is one the easiest ways to earn passive income. I have tried a lot of things up until now, and I haven’t seen any other method, except Youtube, to be able to provide you with a passive income. You just need to spend time on writing and publishing content for a few months. You don’t need to invest any sum of money on ads or anything like that.

  4. Hi Andrei,

    It is so annoying to click into a site and find out it has nothing to do with what I wanted. Yet, they somehow get ranked on page 1!

    Most irritating of all, are the sites that have content I’m interested in reading, but every few seconds an ad for something totally unrelated pops up! It doesn’t take me long to leave.

    Thanks for the great tips!

    1. Hi, Sophia!

      Well, this is how much some people are obsessed with earning money. It is nothing wrong with being obsessed to earn more and more money and I even encourage this, but doing this, at some point in the future they will see that their audience will be heavily diminished and they will have to start another website in another niche and reinvest all the money that they earned.

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