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All opportunities work. I will add payment proof to most of them in order to prove to anyone. However, on some of them you might get better results depending on your demographics. Don’t worry, EVERYTHING will be covered in the reviews!

1) Taking Surveys

CashCrate Scam review 2018

Cashcrate has a high community of over 5.2 milion members.

Here you can earn money by doing surveys, by playing games, by watching videos and by completing different tasks.

Personal rating: 95 out of 100


Swagbucks is operated by Prodege and it was launched with its official name in 2008.
Nine years later, Swagbucks, brings a lot of opportunities to their members, such as: Completing surveys, Watching videos, Searching the web, Pay to do stuff etc.

Personal rating: 92.5 out of 100


PaidViewPoint is another easy to use Survey website. It can be used only for “beer” money, at least in the beginning, because it doesn’t give you a high payment on the surveys.

However, it has a promising referral program that will be further discussed.

Personal rating: 70 out of 100
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2) Freelancing

Freelancer.com is the world’s largest freelancing, outsourcing and crowdsourcing marketplace by a number of users and projects.

They connect over 22,575,831 employers and freelancers globally from over 247 countries, regions and territories…

Personal rating: 70 out of 100
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3) Transcribing

Rev.com is a website which provides a variety of services for people all around the world. Basically, if someone has a recorded tape and wants to transcribe it in order to have the whole discussion in front of their eyes, they submit it to Rev.

As they say: “Rev’s mission is to give more people the freedom to work from home. We are bringing the best of the office to our online workplace. We believe that attracting the best workers is the key to delivering great service to our customers.”

Personal rating: 70 out of 100
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3) Online Lottery

Baymack is a daily lottery that has daily draws. Each day they offer a different Jackpot amount. It usually varies anywhere between $25 to $60.

Personal rating: 60.25 out of 100
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Skylom is an online lottery which has a draw at every 5 minutes. The draw varies, starting from $25 and sometimes it even goes up to prizes such as $2000.

Personal rating: 72.5 out of 100


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4) Online Betting

Ever wondered how those gamers earned money by beting on Counter Strike Global Offensive, League Of Legends, DOTA and Overwatch matches?

DrakeLounge is the answer.

Personal rating: 65 out of 100
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5) Filling Captcha

Megatypers is one of those websites in which all you have to do is to write what you see in the captcha images.

You know those websites when you want to post a comment or create an account and it requires you to fill a captcha in order for them to verify that you’re not a robot?

Personal rating: 10 out of 100
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