Don’t worry, tomorrow is going to be a better day

Hi, guys!


How many of you have heard the saying from the title? I heard it for a lot of time and I always had my doubts about that.


For me personally, I have dealt with a lot of bad stuff during my life and whenever cheerful people came to me to tell me that tomorrow is going to be a better day, I always felt like punching them.

Especially when it comes from people who have never been through really tough times. Now, for those of you who don’t know, if life holds grudges on you day after day, year after year, at some point in life you will start to lose hope in a better future.

You will start to think that you will never get out of that dark place where you arrived. Not even tomorrow, not even the day after that and not even a year from now.

It happened to me. I lived for whole months, years without a hope of a better future. I was just hoping that tomorrow won’t be worse than today and in most of the cases it was even worse than I would have expected.

The thought that tomorrow will be better than today, at that time, it completely left my mind. I knew that everything will be the same or probably worse.


Knowing that no one will help me out, I have started to help myself out. After months of leaving in hell, I decided that it was the time to change. I enrolled to a master of IT, a domain which I hated for my whole life, at one of the best universities from my city/country, just because I simply thought that it will represent the future, I’ve enrolled in  a Google & Udacity scholarship in Frontend Web Development and I even got accepted to some courses in Java from an IT HR company.

In September I never even hoped that I will get accepted at the 20th university in IT from my country and I actually got accepted to the 2nd best.


Those are just small steps. The important thing here is to build enough courage and to want to get out of your own hell on your own.


What I have today? Am I a millionaire?


Honestly no. But I am definitely one step closer. I already have a website(which at some point in time I barely afforded to pay for the hosting etc.),  I am starting to understand how to create programs in C++ and Java and I also am enrolled at a company that trains me on Java in order to find me a job in IT at the end of those modules.


Even on my website, I have struggled a lot. At some point in time, I was actually working and learning for my website for 16 hours a day, for weeks.

This is the condition when I wouldn’t receive not even an organic session in a whole week and sometimes even in a whole month.


And you know what? In the last week, I was sad because I only received 85 organic sessions in a single day.

I was sad for that because my website started to have over 100 organic sessions every single day.




However, today, Nov 29th, is 11:26 PM, and I have received more than twice as that.



I have received 184 Organic sessions  184 !!!!!!!!!!


Imagine how happy I was when I started to receive 1 organic session a week. I was so happy that I couldn’t believe it. I remember that I was looking on Google Analytics at every move that person was doing on my website.

If you were to tell me then that I will have over 184 sessions in a single day, I would probably laugh at you and tell you to dream on.

Those are just organic sessions. If I add the direct, social & referral traffic, I have over 200 sessions today.


Now, if you are in the shoes in which I once was, try to hope that tomorrow is going to be a better day. Start with very small steps, but make sure to don’t give up and to aim higher and higher. 


I’ve done it all on my own. I wish I had someone to understand and to help me, but I didn’t. Just remember me through your tough times. If I can help you with anything at all, just drop a comment below or make sure to send me an e-mail and I will reach you.

Remember that sharing is caring ! ^_^

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