Don’t use Mailchimp for MMO/Affiliate Marketing!

Hi, guys!

Today, seems like I have some bad news for you!

The easiest autoresponder to use, at least the easiest one that I’ve tried is Mailchimp.

However, as a discussion on Wealthy Affiliate, I found out that Mailchimp has a strict policy when it comes to using it for Make Money Online or for Affiliate Marketing.

Besides deleting your whole list which some of you might have spent several months on building it, Mailchimp is well-known for terminating your  whole ACCOUNT!!!

I’ve been playing with fire and I didn’t even knew!!



Even if u plan to use it for Pharmaceutical products, you will still be in trouble with MailChimp. In order to read more about this, copy paste the following link in the browser:


I am so glad that I discovered this while trying to add an autoresponder to my site and not when I’ve already built a list of 1000 subscribers. Just the thought of this happening to me is terrifying.

Well, the good side of this is that you can still use MailChimp for a blog or for sending newsletters regarding the latest news within a domain. However, if you are in the MMO niche as I am, our latest news would be the latest methods to earn money and if we would send this, then our accounts will get terminated.

If you still have your email list, then try to move to another autoresponder as fast as you can, before MailChimp will get to you.

I will start to look for another Autoresponder for us to use for affiliate marketing!


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