Do you want at least $25 from Baymack?

Hi, guys!


I’ve just browsed Baymack and I have discovered an awesome offer


Here’s the deal:


earn money from Baymack


So, this is basically a challenge for people with some free time. The idea is that you have to gain 50 entries each day for 30 consecutive days and you will earn $25 at least.

At least?

Yes, the main idea is that Baymack is a lottery drawing and each ticket has a chance to win either the big Jackpot or the side Jackpots. As a matter of fact, an individual just left me a comment on my Baymack review that he won $25 in the last drawing alone.

So, if you decide to participate, each day you will have 50 chances to win the main Jackpot.

Now, in order to complete this challenge, you will need to have some free time. How much free time?

For the first 10 tickets, for one entry you will need to watch 5 Youtube videos and to correctly assume their category. For the tickets from 11 to 50, you will need to watch 2 videos per ticket.

Now, how long does it take to watch a Youtube video?

Don’t worry. You won’t have to watch the WHOLE video. However, you will have to watch a part of the video.

Now the time that you have to watch is randomly allocated. From experience, in the best case scenario were a few videos which took <10 seconds, whilst the worst case scenario were some videos which took 99 seconds.

This doesn’t mean that you will watch 5 videos with <10 seconds and neither that you will watch 5 videos of 99 seconds. It will be somewhere in between.

So, let’s assume the worst case scenario. That you have to watch videos on 99 seconds.

In total, you will have to watch 5*10 entries + 2*40 tickets = 130 videos

Now, 130 videos * 99 seconds = 12,870 seconds = 214,5 minutes = 3.5 hours.


Now, this is the WORST case scenario. Let’s assume that the time combined of every video will be somewhere in between, such as 65 seconds.

Comming back to out formula, 65*130 = 8,450 seconds = 140,83 minutes = 2.3 hours.


This doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything in all those 2.3 hours and that you will be obliged to watch every video. You can simply turn the noise from the tab off, and scroll on Fb or do other stuff and come back when the video is finished and try to guess the correct category.

You might fail a few times. However, in order to offer you a tip, after the first 10 entries, the videos will start to repeat. From then on, you will know from the beginning what category is that video. 🙂

That’s all for today guys. If you have any questions feel free to share them with me in the comment section below!


Best of luck,


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3 thoughts on “Do you want at least $25 from Baymack?

  1. Hey, i liked your review of Baymack. I can see that it really works and all good. But one problem, i’m watching videos and when the video ends i pick up the correct answer.. then the video repeats itself and i chose the correct answer once again but still it says u still have 4 more. what’s the problem?!

    1. Hi, Ahmad!

      It’s a first time when I heard of that. Hmm, are you sure that you click on the next video button after you got the correct category? Most of the videos will continue playing after you guessed the category. If you did that, then I am not really sure what is going on. Perhaps a page refresh will help you out.

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