Do you take chances?

Hi, guys!

Today I am going to discuss about Opportunities! Do you usually go for it or you prefer to not even try?

So, why am I approaching this subject?

Well, I actually approach it because an opportunity occurred to me and I stood thinking that I wouldn’t have any chances to achieve it and I almost gave up on it when I decided WTH and in the last minute I took the shot and succeeded.

So, what am I talking about?


Well, as some of you might know, I have completed a BSc in Aerospace Engineering. I applied to a few jobs, but I was unsuccessful since all of them requested from me to have years and years of job experience within the field.

So, I decided to change that and to go on another path. In order for me to get out of this dead end, I started to look around and check what domain hires the most and has a future. The IT domain was my solution.

Now, the problem is that you might study as much as you want in your free time, but an HR personnel won’t even invite you to an interview if you don’t hold a degree within the domain. If you don’t believe me, just go and apply for 40 jobs in another domain than the one on which you’ve studied. The HR is obsessed to see either a degree or years of experience within the domain.

So, since I didn’t had any of them, I decided to enrol to an MSc in Computer Science. Therefore, I look up on the internet for the best universities within the IT domain from my city & country(I live in the capital of the country) and I decided to apply to a few that were on the spots from 20 to 40. In my mind was that I stand no chance to get accepted to a university within the top 10. However, as a joke, I have decided to apply to the second best within the city, since the first option seemed more than impossible for me to get accepted.

The admission consisted of two parts, one where they will analyse your application and an interview. So, I applied with a Cover letter, a resume and a two-page description of my final thesis project and somehow I got asked to come to the interview.

I was really shocked that they decided to ask someone, who hasn’t encountered IT programming in his life to interview. Up until the results from the first part came in, I didn’t even bother to learn IT since I was too busy to run after documents in order to apply to the universities that were in the 20-40 rank. I was speechless when I saw that I was asked to come to the interview. For real. For 4-5 minutes I couldn’t believe that this was real.

Now, the next problem was that reality started to make its way to my brain. I started to have more and more doubts to the point that I was 100% sure that I was going to fail the interview. I started to study day and night IT and 2 days later, when I was asked to present for the interview, I remember that I got there with 30 minutes earlier.

There were about 8 persons, myself included. I started to talk to them and I started to realise more and more that there was no chance in for me to pass that interview. I needed a mark of at least 5 and the interview was with IT questions… It seemed impossible for me and I even started to complain to my friends and parents that I will just embarrass myself in front of the jury.

Time was passing by and minute by minute I became more and more anxious. I was 15 minutes away from the interview when I decided to run away. To just leave and avoid any embarrassment. I even got the approval from my friends and family to do so.

However, something just made me stay. I thought to myself that if those guys in front of me could pass it, why couldn’t I? Am I so stupid?

I was 5 minutes away from the interview. The opportunity was right there in front of me. If I would have decided to leave, I wouldn’t got anywhere. If I would have decided to stay the worst that it could happen is that 3-4 people would have a good laugh on my back.

So, since I am an ex-gambler, I decided to take the shot. I decided to storm through that door and try to give my best in order to pass this interview and put my hands on this MSc from the second best university within the domain.

I was really nervous, but then I remembered that I was there in front of real people. Like me, like you. What would they gain if they would break me to pieces? So, I entered in the damn interview.


And guess what? At the end of the day, from a jury composed of three members, my final mark was 9,33 out of 10! I took the chance, I risk it, and I got rewarded!


So, let me ask you this: Why are you afraid to take the opportunities that occur to you in your life?




Take any opportunity that pops up in your life. Even if your succeeding chance is 0%(LIKE MINE), JUST GO OUT THERE AND TRY.


You’ll never know what it could happen!

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