Do the hours at which I publish posts have any benefits?

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So, today I’ve seen the following question: If I publish at certain hours will that boost my rank?


Okay, so I think that this is quite a common question for beginners. Now, the main idea is that it is not important at what hour do you decide to publish. There are a few exceptions which I am going to discuss, but if your website is new and you are new to this, you can publish at any hour of the day you like.

What is actually important is that you will have to publish a number of posts per week. You need to make sure that every week you will be able to create and publish those posts. If it is possible, you should respect your publishing days. However, as time goes by, you will see that this is not easily achieved. As to the number of posts of which you should make, if you really want to see results, I would advise you to start with 3 posts per week and to increase to 5 posts per week in your 3rd-4th month.

Now, I mentioned that there are a few exceptions. If you are going to create quality content for months, at some point in time, your posts will reach #1 in Google in a couple of minutes. Now, why is this important?

Suppose that you target the country X. If you publish your posts at 11 PM,  during the week I am not so sure that many people will visit your website during that day. However, if you decide to publish them at 7 AM(you can schedule a post to be published in WordPress), people will be able to check your website all day long.

Another reason of how the publishing our will help you is if a trend started to raise and you created one of the first posts on it. Let’s put it in a real situation. Let’s say that the fidget spinner would become viral today. If you are going to create and publish a post, you will most likely gain a lot of visitors during the first days. Another example can be a news website. Just imagine that an important event happens. Everyone will storm on the internet in order to find more things about the event. If you publish your post in the first half hour or the first hour, most probably you will have hundreds if not thousands of visitors. If you decide to create a post 3 days later it is most probable that you will barely receive any visitors. That is because all the other major players already published a post about it.

That’s pretty much all on the importance of publishing hour and SEO. If you have any questions, feel free to share them with me in the comment section below!



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