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Drake Lounge Bet

Hi, guys!

In this honest review I am going to explain you how Drake Lounge Bet works and I will also show if drakelounge.com is a scam or not.

Let’s begin

Potential Income 45%
Support 25%
Friendly Interface 90%
Legit 100%
At A Glance

Name: DrakeLounge
Website: www.DrakeLounge.com
Membership Price: $10
Owners: DrakeMoon
Overall Rank:  65 out of 100
Who it’s for: Newbie – Expert


Ever wondered how those gamers earned money by beting on CS GO, LOL, DOTA and Overwatch matches?

DrakeLounge is the answer. As you can see in the above image, there are a lot of daily matches on which you can gamble and win money.  Now if you’ve searched on other places, you will find that most of the people state that this is a scam. Indeed, in the first months of this year there were a lot of issues and the support was overwhelmed by the large amount of tickets(hence my low rating on support). However, in the last months their support has been improved and there are very few complains about them.

In order for you to begin, you need to connect your Steam account and to deposit a minimum $10 skin. This is their policy. In order for you to cash out you need to deposit $10. This procedure is common for example at steam when you open a new account, you need to deposit $5. You won’t be able to play online games received as gifts without depositing.

  • Friendly Interface;
  • Worldwide;
  • Instant results;


  • Gambling;
  • Cash out by purchasing skins;
  • Support;
  • Low income potential.



This method of earning money online is for everyone that has a steam account and that has at least a skin of $10 in their inventory. It can be used by both newbie players and by  professional players. 

Even if you are pro player, you won’t have more chances to win more money than an average player. You need to understand that you are gambling.

It doesn’t matter if the team you are betting on is the best. Everyone has a bad day once in a while. Therefore, try to not invest all of your money in one match.


As you can clearly see, the earning potential it’s different for each match. It all depends on the multiplier and the risk that you are willing to take.




I am not sure what to say about this. I played in both ways. To gamble on the favorite team and on the opposite team.  

Assume that you are gambling on the favorite team. A statistics of mine, showed that out of 10 games I would win around 6 games. Now the only problem is that I have to make sure that the profit of those 6 games will outweigh the loss of the other 4 games. In other terms if I gamble on 10 matches $1 and they all got a multiplier of 1.10(since is the favorite team), I will win $6.60 but I will lose $3.40. 

In order for you to run on profit, you need to select the games that their multiplier*6 will bring you profit. That would mean that you’ll need a multiplier of minimum 1.7  per each game. This is the case where we gamble on each game and not gamble on multiple games on the same ticket. 

As I said, we assume that out of 10 games, we will lose 4.  Now let’s focus on those 4 games more. That means that the favorite team lost and those games have a bigger multiplier than the favorite. So if we would bet on the team that is not favored to win, we would need to look for multiplier or at least 2.50. If we win 4 games at 2.50, we would have 0 profit. However, imagine that you bet on 4 games with a multiplier of 3. that would bring you a 20% profit. 

Sure it doesn’t look that much right? You would want 300% or more. However, let’s say that we gamble $500. If we win 4 bets out of 10 of a multiplier of 3, we would earn $100 in less than 2-3 hours.

Remember that this is a gamble. You would never know the outcome of it. Those are fictive statistics made by me. For example, last week I gambled 9 games on the less favorite team on a legit&legal sports betting website and I lost all 9 of them. Other times I lost betting on favorite teams while the opposite teams had a multiplier of 6.

It is all a gamble, you could never be sure of the outcome! Therefore, bet only a small amount that you afford to lose. 


I have some bad news for you about the referral program. Up until a few months, upon referring  Drake Lounge to other people they would had earned $5 when registering. In the moment, they will earn $1.

There are 11 affiliate levels.


You can’t cash out money from Drake Lounge. However, you can cash out any Skin you find in the store tab. There minimum amount is $10.

There has been a lot of confusion on the payment topic around the web. It seems that you need to place a bet with all the skin money that you have deposited first, in order to be able to cash out. For example, if you deposit an AWP man-o-war of $11 before you will be able to cash out, you will need to gamble all the money of the skin deposited. This is in order for them to assure that this is not money laundry method. Even if you lose and end up having $10 from the initial $11 deposited, you can still be able to cash out by going to the Store and purchasing an item worth of $10. 

Now that you can cash out by purchasing skins, the next question is how to transform those skins in steam to real money? 

Well, there exist a lot of websites that will pay you the value of those items via paypal. Below, you will find a Youtube video where you can see how you to cash out via Paypal or Bitcoins. 


There are no training tools or tutorials.


In the first 3 months of this year, the support has been a nightmare. There are dozens of comments that state that they asked different questions and no one responded not even after a week.

However, I have created a ticket with a dumb question today and in 30 minutes I got a response on my email.

 Summarized Overview

Name: DrakeLounge
Website: www.DrakeLounge.com
Membership Price: $10
Owners: DrakeMoon
Overall Rank:  65 out of 100
Who it’s for: Newbie – Expert

Final Opinion

This is a very easy method to earn money online. The trick is that you have be lucky. However, doing this can be really stressful and you will start to hope that everything will go great day after day. 

What if I’ll show you other methods that could provide you with a full time income? How does it sound for you to have your own legit Online Business? 

Pretty expensive? What if I will show you how to create your own company for FREE with no credit card information? Are you ready to change your life?

That’s all about DrakeLounge. If you got any other questions share them in the comment section below!

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