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Creating A Website for Affiliate Marketing

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Today’s topic is creating a website for affiliate marketing. I will also make a short comparison between  doing affiliate marketing with and without a website. For those of you who landed on this page, this is the 3rd page of my guide on Affiliate Marketing. You can start from the beginning by clicking here.  

Affiliate Marketing without a website

The Advantages
  • The main advantage of doing affiliate marketing without a website is that you will see results much faster than with a website. Basically, if you intend to not use ads, you will have to wait until the search engines will trust your website in order to show it in the first two pages of Google or other search engine.
  • All you have to do is to get an affiliate link(this will be discussed in the following lessons) and to share it on a social media network along with a description. 
  • You also won’t have to learn about how to create a website( even though it is pretty easy) and you won’t have to take time and write posts around your subject. 
The Disadvantages
  • The main problem that you will face, when promoting for example on Facebook groups, is that you will be up against veterans within the niche. You must be sure that you know what you are talking about!
  • The second problem is that in those Facebook groups or social media news feed, people usually see a lot of posts similar to yours. You will have to learn how to catch your visitor’s eye with your headings.
  • Another great disadvantage is that those social media networks are basically membership websites. When you come and you create a post and add a link to another website, it will take your reader away from the website of the social media. Since the social media sites earn money from ads, they will want to keep their members inside their sites. Therefore, any post with a link to an external website(your affiliate link) will not reach more than 10-20% of the news feed of the members from a Facebook group, you Facebook friends or Twitter followers and so on.
  • Another problem is that it is impossible for you to generate passive income without owning a Facebook, website, or without having thousands of followers. Every time you would like to earn some cash, you will need to write once again the damn product description and add the affiliate link within it. Every single time. 

Doing Affiliate Marketing with a Website

The Advantages
  • The main advantage is that you will be able to create posts about anything you want.


  • The second advantage is that by creating posts on different products, once your posts will be shown in the first pages of the search engines, people will come to your website and you will create your own network. This is the whole purpose of a website. To create your own network and to monetize it


  • The third best thing is that you will be able to earn passive income. You already created a post about a product. But that doesn’t mean that it will show on Google only today. It will show on Google until you delete your website. Therefore, if someone finds your review after 6 months after you wrote it and decides to click on the affiliate link and purchase the product, you will receive your commission without taking time and writing a whole new post. This is what it is considered as passive income.


  • Once you start and get a lot of traffic on your website, the Entrepreneurs within your niche will contact you in order to review their products. And they will pay you big money for it!


The Disadvantages
  • Main problem is that you will have to learn how to build a website and how to operate on WordPress. It is not a real problem since you can literally create a website, without having coding skills, in less than 1 minute(I will show you how).


  • Sometimes to learn how to operate on WordPress, how to search engine optimize(SEO) your site and how to do E-mail marketing might seem overwhelming. But if you take things slow, I am sure that you will learn how! I created tutorials on every single one of them! 😀


  • You will have to spend a few hours a week in order to create reviews.

Creating A Website For Affiliate Marketing

By now, you should already know in what niche you want to create the website. In case you don’t know, make sure to read the first lesson of this guide(click here).

So, we have our niche prepared, we know the advantages and disadvantages of doing affiliate marketing with a website, the next thing we need to do is to create one, right?

I would like to mention the first rule of having a website: Never have duplicate content on it.

I already created a tutorial on how to build a website for free. Click the button below in order to read it and to discover how to build your website in less than 1 minute for free.

I would suggest you to cover this lessons before moving forward: How to build a website, How to create content for a website,  SEO for dummies.

How To build A Website For Free Guide


How To Create Content For A Website Guide


SEO For Dummies Guide


How To Do Affiliate Marketing With Amazon


That’s pretty much all for now. Just make sure to take time aside and learn all of those things before moving to the next lesson.

That’s all for today’s lesson: creating a website for affiliate marketing. If you have any questions left unanswered, feel free to share them with me in the comment section below!



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