Created a Newsletter!!

Hi, guys!


Well, for some time I kinda thought about creating a newsletter for the website. It took me some time since it was the first time that I create one and I hope that you will enjoy it.


So why should you join the newsletter?

Well, I am planning in composing and sending to you, my subscribers, emails on a weekly basis. I know that some of you hate to subscribe to a newsletter because you get spammed all the time. Well, the same goes for me. Therefore, I assure you that I will be sending one e-mail a week or even more rare.  I already have a lot to work on for my website’s content and I am pretty sure that I won’t lose much time in creating lots of spam emails.


So what should you expect from the newsletter?


This is a pretty good question in fact. At first, the main newsletter will focus more on the opportunities to earn an extra income from home. Now, I know that some of you want to build a website and don’t want to get spammed with lots of emails to earn money through surveys or lotteries or other stuff. Therefore, I will make sure that in time I will create more subscription lists that will be divided for each category in part.

I will also try to make it a little more diverse and I will try to add different tutorials, share with you the stories of other millionaires, write about the newest scams etc. As I said before, those will be combined in only 1 general newsletter for at least 2-3 months from now on since I have to create a lot of content for the website. BUT be sure that I won’t send you emails with annoying things, I will try to share with you the most interesting things that I find.

So, how can you subscribe to this email list?

You just need to fill the gaps below. I know that it doesn’t look like much and I will work on its design as well in the following weeks :D!

* indicates required


Now, in order to make sure that the email list won’t be fulfilled by bots, you need to make sure to go to your email, look for the email that came from me and complete an additional step that assures that you are not a robot. That’s because I am allowed to have only 2000 members in this list and I don’t like for bots to take the spot of  real people that truly want to join the newsletter

If you don’t go on the email and validate yourself as a true human being, you won’t be added to the newsletter list! Fulfilling the gaps and hitting on the Subscribe button, won’t register you to the email list!

I will also create a post in the following week where I will show you how to create your own newsletter :D!

Now since I am pretty new at this stuff, I would like for you to share with me what would you like to receive in the email list :D! Therefore, make sure to write anything that you are interested about, in the comment section below!  🙂

Remember that sharing is caring ! ^_^

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